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Year in Review Series: Best Quotes of 2006

May 25, 2008 01:28 PM

2006 was choc full of great quotes, but with so many to remember it is difficult to recall them all. USTA.com sifted through pages of virtually endless transcripts to comprise the most memorable quotes of the year from the games biggest stars.

Q. What is your legacy, Andre?
Andre Agassi: “I don't know. I look forward to reading about that.”

Q. Do you have a favorite moment in your career, whether it was your comeback or winning the last Slam, anything that stands out to you?
Andre Agassi: "Well, I feel like winning in Paris was the moment that is sort of the biggest in my career because it entails all that. It entails falling to 140 in the world, it entails a lot of hard work to sort of climb the mountain. Then to do it there where it was my toughest surface, down two sets to Love in the finals, or it to be the last of the four Slams, all that probably highlighted the fact that that was my greatest memory on the court.

Q. Patrick, I'm wondering if you ate together as a team. Have you got the same diet?
Captain Patrick McEnroe: "Well, the guys eat a little more than I do, but they expend a little more energy. Yeah, generally we eat together during the week, yeah. Are you saying maybe I should have gotten sick if Andy got sick (laughter)? He was under a little more stress than I was out there. But I don't think it was a food thing, no.

Q. Could you take a second to reflect on reaching the Top 10?
James Blake: "I heard about it. The first thing that came to my mind is now I get to take my shirt off at Saddle Brook. I made a deal with Kevin O'Connor who runs the tennis program there, I saw Sampras come and practice there, Rios come and practice. They'd be practicing with their shirt off. It gets pretty hot in Tampa. Then myself or Mardy Fish go try to practice. No, no, no, you're not allowed. Other administrators come over and say you got to keep your shirt on. How come they can? If you get to top 10 in the world, then you're allowed to take your shirt off.
First practice back in Tampa, my shirt will be off. I'll be working on my tan."

Q. Bob, did you realize till that last point you hadn't given up a point on your serve?
Bob Bryan: "I thought I was serving really well. I knew when I was getting my first serve in, I wasn't losing any points. I didn't know that stat. I took a little off on the match point, threw them a bone, you know.

Q. How will you celebrate the victory over Germany?
Jamea Jackson: “I believe we are going to party. That’s what I was told. We do not have a location, but if we did, I don’t know if I would disclose it.”

Q. How different was it holding up that plate today than in Australia?
Amelie Mauresmo: "It's a different trophy. It's round. It's smaller (smiling)."

Q. Is a part of you a little disappointed to lose a set in the (Wimbledon) final?
Roger Federer: "Not really, no. As long as I don't lose three, it's okay (laughter)."

Q: Why do you think you didn’t win today?
Rafael Nadal: "Because I lose."

The Roddick Files - On Connors:
Q: Was this the second tournament that Connors has been in the stadium?
Andy Roddick: "Second tournament where he’s actually been in the stands, where his butt has been stuck to his seat."

Q: Did you ever just sit there and think, Jimmy Connors in my upstairs bedroom?
Andy Roddick: "Wow. That question is about a 70 mile-an-hour fastball."

The Roddick Files - On Horses:
Q: You look pretty happy.
Andy Roddick: "I am happy."

Q: How is it a different way of playing?
Andy Roddick: "You guys are the analysts, you tell me."

Q: You’re the player. We like to hear it from the horses’ mouth.
Andy Roddick: "That’s all right. Go buy a horse."

The Roddick Files - On Agassi:
Q: Do you feel relief that [playing Agassi] is not going to happen?
Andy Roddick: "I was so torn with the match up. Obviously you want to play against your idols, but then again you don’t want to be the guy who shot Bambi."

(After Andre Agassi’s final match)
Q: Can you describe what you felt in the locker room?
Andy Roddick: "Was that before or after you guys knocked down the door to get in?"



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