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2007 Year in Review: Memorable Quotes from the US Open

May 25, 2008 01:28 PM

By Ed McGrogan, USOpen.org

From Roger Federer's fourth consecutive win to the Althea Gibson tribute to the spotting of celebrities, there were plenty of unforgettable memories from the 2007 US Open. But in addition to the action on the court, there were just as many memorable quotes from the athletes who made it all happen. Here are a few of the best:

Andy Roddick on the unlikelihood of playing Justin Gimelstob in two consecutive Grand Slams:
“Yeah, I think the odds are like 1 in 9,600 or something when you do the math. That's not as much as, what did they pull six qualifiers in a row the top of the draw? That's like one in 120,000, 130,000 something.”

Tim Henman on his hopes that Henman Hill will continue to be called as such after his retirement:
“You've got to keep it that way. You keep writing about it, and I'm sure it will be.”

Justine Henin on her thoughts about the US Open:
“It's not my favorite Grand Slam. I have to agree with that.”

Maria Sharapova on what she did while she was nursing a left shin injury:
“Two days. Told you. The next day was pretty bad. It was very disappointing because I had a few friends coming into town to watch me play if I was in the final, and all of them decided to go bowling, which was perfect with a bad shin.”

Andy Roddick and Justin Gimelstob on Justin’s “last” match:
“JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Just to clarify, that this is my last US Open. I'm playing three tournaments in the fall.
ANDY RODDICK: You are? I thought that was it.
ANDY RODDICK: I would have been much more pissed off on court if I knew you were playing after this. I thought I finished you.
JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: My luck, I'm sure we'll play in the same tournament in the fall and I'll play you first round.
ANDY RODDICK: I thought I put you in the commentary booth.”

James Blake on the members of the J-Block:
“They did pretty good, I think. They were a little more subdued, being a day match, which is good. A few of my -- surprised me. A few of my friends actually have real jobs. They have to be at work.”

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John Isner on his nicknames at the University of Georgia:
“Yeah. One was "Grandpa." I'm so slow with everything I do, I don't get much accomplished. Off the tennis court, I just sit around, don't do anything. And "Lloyd," the new one was "Lloyd." I got this awful, awful haircut one time. Remember Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. You know he had this straight across, it was exactly what my hair was like. Only thing missing was the chipped tooth.”

Alun Jones on a former occupation of his:
“Real shovel. I was just digging a lot of holes. That's what I was doing.”

Ana Ivanovic on requests from her devoted fans:
“Yeah, actually yesterday when I was signing autographs after practice, the guy asked me to sign his forehead. I was like, Are you kidding?”

Andy Murray on his taste in fashion:
“No, I'm not going to do that (smiling). I don't know what I thought about it. It was okay. It wasn't his best outfit. It wasn't his worst. It was okay.”

Marat Safin on Pete Sampras’ claim that Safin was “able to be No. 1 in the world for as long a time as he wanted to:”
“See, even the geniuses make the mistakes. He was wrong.”

Tim Henman on his favorite moments in tennis:
“I think the best overall is Paris, the Masters Series, when I won. I think for the consistent level of tennis. You know, Basel I played some I remember one year only dropping my serve once the whole week, making Roger cry in the final. That was pretty special. I have to remind him of that every once in a while just to keep his feet on the ground.”

Ahsha Rolle on what she’s planning to do with her US Open earnings:
“Got to go pay some bills.”

Andy Roddick on Appalachian State’s upset victory over Michigan:

“Unbelievable. You come in, you're watching it, whatever, 31-27. Of course, the guy from Michigan reels off like, what, a 50 yarder. You're like, okay, well. Next thing you look, you get the score. I mean, that's unreal. It's tough for Michigan, though. You know they're a good team. I guess their season's kind of in limbo. Maybe they can ruin Ohio State's season now. That's the goal.”

Roger Federer on lobbing 6’9” John Isner:
“I did. I think he enjoyed it, too. Doesn't happen every day.”

Agnes Szavay on her hobbies:
“I love horses. I like to ride horses. I love every sport which one has a ball. I don't like running or stuff like that, but I like everything what has a ball.”

Serena Williams on her state of mind after losing to Justine Henin:
“No. I'm very happy.”

Novak Djokovic on the one player he can’t impersonate:
“Well, the untouchable one, Roger. Well, he's too perfect for my style. I cannot. Plus, I don't have a long hair. I hope he doesn't hear this.”

Max Mirnyi on where he’ll display his mixed doubles trophy:
“Well, depending on where is the nearest house. Florida.”

Carlos Moya on Novak Djokovic’s promising future as a comedian:
“But for sure he can do it very well. That's a gift and he does it very well. So if he doesn't succeed in tennis, maybe he has a good career in that. I guess he's pretty successful in tennis though.”



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