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2008 ITF White Badge Referee School Results
Congratulations to the twenty-two US referees who received their ITF White Badge Referee Certification at the recent ITF School held in Orlando conducted by the ITF with assistance from the USTA Officials Department. In 2009, additional ITF White Badge Referee Schools will take place. When scheduled, these schools will be posted on the USTA Officials Webpage with an Interest Form to be filled out by interested officials. If you have any questions, contact Rich Kaufman, Director of Officials, USTA at kaufman@usta.com

Perry HINES, H I “Mac” MACDOUGAL, Melissa JACKSON, Darren POTKEY, Karol WISE, Rocky ANDRY, Robert BOOTH, Lee WARD, Cecil WISE, Rolland SHEA, Don CORTESE, Marc EPSTEIN, Toman FAYAD, Hector FIGUEROA, Lonnie GIBBS, Sylvia GOTHARD, Louise GUEST, Carol KIM, Sandi PARDON, Katherine PERRIN, Barbara PETITO, Nancy WATLAND

ITF White Badge School Interest Application - Application form and information now available.

All qualified Chair Umpires who submit written interest  (click here for ITF White Badge School Interest Application) in attending an ITF White Badge School will be afforded equal opportunities to be recommended for admission into an ITF Badge School regardless of their gender or race. 

The process for USTA-certified Chair Umpires, Chief Umpires and Referees to apply for ITF White Badge Schools is as follows:
Step One.  Obtain any level Chair Umpire, Chief Umpire and/or Referee certification issued by the USTA.
Step Two.  Gain experience through working as a Chair Umpire or Chief Umpire at USTA Pro Circuit tournaments, USTA National tournaments, and ITF tournaments.  Gain experience through working as a Referee at USTA National tournaments and ITF tournaments.
Step Three. Each year’s ITF school locations and schedules are posted here.

Please contact your Sectional Chair if you are interested in attending any future ITF school.

ITF Bronze, Silver and Gold Badges are part of the ITF, ATP and WTA Tour Joint Certification Program.  ITF White Badges are certified by the ITF.

(ITF Data Card Procedure)

All ITF certified Officials must list the nature of the event worked by venue, not by sponsor. Please fill in the ITF data card using the ITF key shown (for the events), not using the USTA key.

Decision Making Process on ITF Run Schools and Events
Below is a full explanation on how decisions are made for ITF events (e.g. Davis Cup/Fed Cup events) and ITF Schools (e.g. White Badge and Bronze/Silver Badge Chief/referee Schools).

  • ITF Run Events.

The USTA Officials Department supplies the ITF with a list of all the National and Professional certified Line Umpires who reside in and around the region where the event is scheduled for 1st round ties. For later round ties, the Officials Department supplies the ITF with a more complete national list of National and professional certified Line Umpires. From these lists, the ITF approves the names of those officials who meet their requirements in regard to experience and ability. On occasion, the ITF may ask for input on specific officials. All final selections must be approved by the ITF.

  • ITF Run Schools

All USTA certified officials may apply to an ITF school. All applications must come through the USTA Officials Department for verification of work record and experience. All applications are then sent to the ITF where all final selections are made.

2007 International Chair Umpire Certification Structure
2007 International Chief Umpire Certification Structure
2007 International Referee Certification Structure
2008 Officials Listed by Nation
2008 White Badge Listed by Nation
2007 White Badge Official Certification Structure
2008 ITF School Information

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