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Resource Center - Innovation: Tennis Strokes for Stroked Folks

Innovation:  Tennis Strokes for Stroked Folks

Rationale:     Here’s a program which amplifies the virtues of tennis to stroke
Victims and their families.

  1. Those who are former tennis enthusiasts remain interested and involved in the game.
  2. Those who hadn’t been previously exposed to tennis see the benefits for both the abled and disabled.
  3. Provides a collaborative opportunity for the USTA.
  4. Promotes the benefits of tennis as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Develops tennis skills for people who might otherwise be detached from the tennis world.
  6. Promotes tennis as a fun way to provide beneficial therapy.

Proven Where:  USTA Texas Section along with the Stroke Center of Dallas held an eight week program for stroke survivors and their caregivers. 

Quote from the Innovator:  “All the students had different deficits and tennis served each in different ways. One lady had a vision field cut in her left eye. She tended to only look right . . . until we made her hit backhands. Another had a very weak grip -- squeezing a ball in the therapy gym was boring for her. Squeezing a racquet so as to hit a ball was more fun. We turned yelling out the score into speech therapy for a young guy who had lost most of his verbal skills. (He was able to pick up a cell phone and excitedly, but slowly, tell a friend, "I playing tennis!") Two of the guys had played tennis before their stroke (my husband at a very high level -- but with his other hand). The lady with the vision problem had played in high school, long ago. One lady was a former soccer player. They were delighted to be doing something ‘normal’ folks do for recreation and having a social interaction activity with others like themselves.” Joyce Dreslin

Quote from Dr. Patricia Smith (Stroke Center of Dallas):  “Teaching tennis to persons post-stroke provides an opportunity to improve motor skills, enjoy social interaction, and learn new skills for future leisure activity.  One game rarely offers so many benefits to this population.”

For More Information:  Joyce Dreslin at 817-261-0939

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