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QuickStart for 7-8 Year Olds: Instant Rally Progression, Forehand

Instant Rally Progression, Forehand:

Each child will have a racquet and ball. Follow this sequence in order and young players will develop rally skills in just a few minutes.

1. Tap up, bounce and catch. Players will tap the ball up about head level high, let the ball bounce and catch it.

2. Self rally. This time, rather than catching after the first bounce, continue to tap the ball up after one bounce to about head level high.

3. Rally with a partner to a target. Find a partner and alternate tapping up, bouncing and then the partner taps up. See how many consecutive tap ups each pair can get. To help them focus on up rather than out, place a polyspot, donut or chalk circle as a target between the two players. Still work on hitting up to about head level high.

4. Rally over line with partner. Draw a line or find a line and place each player on either side. Have them match up racquets and move back two to three steps. Have them rally so the ball bounces over the line. The ball should be hit about head high. See how many they can get in a row hitting all balls on the forehand side.

5. Rally over a net. This is similar to above but the players will rally over a net or barrier. Start 3-4 feet away from the net and play all shots on the forehand side. To assist them with control and direction, add a target about three feet from the net (polyspot, donut or chalk circle).

6. Game - Step back forehands. Both players are on either side of the net and match up racquet faces forehand to forehand, and take two steps back. The player with the ball drops and hits to the partner and they rally for four shots on the forehand side. After four successful consecutive hits, both players take one step back and try again for another four-ball rally. After each successful four-ball rally they move back. If they miss, they must both move forward one step.
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