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QuickStart for 7-8 Year Olds: Volley Introduction

Volley Introduction:

Begin with two players positioned on either side of the net about two to three feet apart. One player has a ball and the other player has their racquet up so the strings are facing the tosser (like holding a stop sign). The tosser will make five underhand tosses and the partner will volley the ball back so the tosser can catch the ball in the air. Do five volleys each on the forehand side and the backhand side.

Step two is to move farther apart and the one player will underhand toss the ball to their partner who will volley it back so it bounces on the court and the tosser will trap the ball with their hand against their racquet face. Do five toss, volley and traps before switching roles on both the forehand and backhand side.

Step three begins with the players slightly farther apart. One player will drop-hit the ball and the partner will volley it back so it bounces on the court and they will hit the ball back so it can be volleyed and then trapped. Switch roles after five drop-hit, volley, rally, volley, trap sequences.
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