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Approach Shots

Hitting this transition shot effectively will allow the player to

move from the backcourt, where the player usually hits shots that are either neutral or defensive, to the net, where the shots are generally offensive and the player can end the point with one shot. The playing situation is for one player to be in the backcourt and for the other player to be moving from the backcourt to the net with just one shot.

Step 1 – The Approach Shot. Have players in a single-file line at the baseline, with the coach between the service line and the net. The coach underhand tosses a ball short into the court and the first player moves forward quickly, gets sideways and moves through a forehand ground stroke. From there, the player quickly moves to a point between the service line and the net, assumes a ready position with a split step with both feet pointing at the net so the player can move either right or left. You can mark the spot between the service line and the net with a poly spot or throw down line to emphasize that this is where the player needs to be by the time the ball lands on the court. Also do this same drill but using the backhand side.

Note: Since the approach shot is hit from well inside the baseline and the player is moving toward the net at contact, only a short backswing is necessary to get the ball deep in the court.

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