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To liven up simple racquet handling activities like bouncing balls up and down, add some music and change activities every 20 to 30 seconds. Use a variety of activities and have players change every time they hear a whistle. Try any or all of these activities for variety to your practices:

  1. Bounce ball dow.
  2. Bounce ball up letting it bounce on the court after each hit.
  3. Bounce ball down on the edge of the racquet.
  4. Bounce ball up keeping the ball in the air.
  5. Bounce ball up alternating sides of the racquet.
  6. Bounce ball up alternating sides but add a hit up on the edge between hitting on both sides.
  7. Bounce ball high.
  8. Bounce ball low.
  9. Bounce ball while on one knee.
  10. Bounce ball while sitting on the court.
  11. Bounce ball while lying on the court.
  12. Bounce ball in a circle around the body.
  13. Bounce ball in a figure 8 around the legs.
  14. Bounce ball down while hopping on one foot.
  15. Bounce ball up while hopping on the other foot.
  16. Bounce ball up with the racquet between the legs.
  17. Bounce ball up with the racquet around the back.
  18. Toss the ball up and catch it on the racquet without it bouncing on the strings.
  19. Balance the ball on the strings and turn the racquet 180 degrees without the ball falling off the strings.
  20. Spin quickly in a circle while balancing the ball on the strings

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