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"Hybrid" One-Day Shootout Tournament Format

: “Hybrid” One-Day Shootout Tournament Format

Rationale: The “Hybrid” one-day format follows the same rationale as the singles event, however the “Hybrid” event includes both singles and doubles. The 8 players selected for each draw will play 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches. One regular set per match. Doubles is mandatory with partners drawn at random.

One-day events provide a fun, non-threatening competitive opportunity for players of any level or age. This non-elimination format guarantees participants multiple matches in a short time frame. It also provides an intermediary competitive step for new players and a competitive option for the population segment with limited free time. And now, with the addition of mandatory doubles, these “Hybrid” events facilitate the USTA’s doubles initiative.

  • Limited Time Commitment – Multiple matches in 5 hour span.
  • Non-Elimination – Guarantees same number of matches for all participants.
  • Two Events – Guarantees 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches.
  • Low Cost – Short time-frame equals lower entry fees, no hotel, no school-time lost.
  • Competitive Introduction – Provides incremental steps for new players.
  • Social Impact – Friendly environment cultivates camaraderie and sportsmanship.
  • Club Friendly – Short, predictable time-frame maximizes courts during slow periods.
  • Grows Tennis – Provides play opportunities for the population segment that cannot commit to an entire weekend or 9-week league.
  • Proven Results – Some Sections reporting a 140-300% increase in participation.

Proven where: Initiated as USTA sanctioned and non-sanctioned programming at the Randolph Tennis Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Quote from the innovator: “The ‘Hybrid’ one-day, non-elimination Shootout (or Super Set) allows us to provide a short, time-definable athletic event which now makes tennis competitive with youth soccer, t-ball and basketball. Parents and players love it. And now, our kids are learning to play and enjoy both singles and doubles. Why is this important? Not only does junior doubles need to be revived, but most adults play doubles. If we’re going to retain these upcoming players into their adult years, they need to enjoy doubles now!”
-Jeff Brack & Jim Reffkin, Randolph Tennis Center, Tucson, Arizona

For more information: Jeff Brack
Phone: (520) 791-4896
Email: jeffbrack@randolphtenniscenter.com

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