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Non Elimination Tournaments

The NET format is designed to allow players of different abilities to play while advancing toward players of similar ability. The format uses a series of round robin tournaments to determine first through 4 places. 

Players are placed on the preliminary round draw sheet in groups of 3 or 4. If the abilities of the players are known, place the best players in different groups. A round robin is played within each group. Depending on time, scoring can be a 6 game set with no add scoring, 8 game sets with no ad scoring, tiebreakers or play for a set period of time. When using a set time the player ahead when time is called is the winner.

At the end of the first round robin players are placed in their order of finish in the column to the right of the preliminary Round draw. In the event of a tie the player with a direct win over another player is placed in the higher position. In the event of a 3 way tie the player with the most games/point won is placed in the higher position.

Next to each players name in the order of Finish is the Final Round Placement number.  Place each player on the line of the Final Round draw that corresponds to this number.

Players play a round robin within there new group. At the end of the round robin first through forth place are determined.

Below are some examples of Non Eliminations Tournaments.  Click through for more information and draw sheet for each type of tournament.
Non Elimination Tournament Draw Sheet - 16 Player
Round Robin Competitions
Pyramid League
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