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Tennis Festival Activities – Descriptions of Sample Games

  • Racquet Quickness Circle: Create a large circle with the participants and have each player stand their racquet upside down on the tip of the racquet face. When the leader calls out either “right” or “left”, students let go of their racquet, move in the direction called, and try and catch the racquet next to them before it falls to the ground! If every one has a successful catch, move back a step. If every one is not successful move in a step. Try and see how large the circle can get with everyone being successful.  
  •  Inchworm Relay: Players line up shoulder to shoulder with their teammates behind a starting line. The player farthest from the starting line places the ball on top of their racquet strings. When the team leader calls “go”, the ball is passed from racket to racket. After passing the ball, each player runs behind his/her teammates to the front of the line to wait for the ball. Each team that completes the task earns 50 points.
  • Partner Ball Pass: Two players face each other a couple of racquet lengths apart. Players begin by passing the ball back and forth between racquets. For each successful pass, players take a step back. As distance increases, players must be able to catch the ball on their strings without it falling off. Longest distance wins. 
  • Team Toss-Hit-Catch:   Teams divide in half with one team on the tossing side and one team on the hitting side. The first player from the tossing line tosses the ball to the first player in the hitting line. If the tosser is able to catch the ball from the hitter, the team earns a point. After each turn, the hitters and tossers switch over to the opposite lines. This game can be done as Partner Toss-Hit-Catch with two players tossing, hitting, and catching with each other.
  • Serve to Targets: Teams are divided in half, with one line of servers and one line of receivers on opposite sides of the net. The first player attempts to land a serve in the correct service box and switches sides with the player that fielded the serve. If the serve lands in the correct box, a point is earned for the team. If the serve hits a designated target within the service box, five bonus points are awarded. Each person gets to serve a total of three times while taking turns with the other players. 
  • Longest Rally Marathon (can be done off-court with makeshift nets):
    •  Short court groundstrokes—1 ball/2 balls: Two players rally within the service boxes to achieve the longest rally. More advanced players can be required to rally two balls at the same time.
    • Volleys— 1 ball/2 balls: Same as the groundstroke rally, but done with volleys.  
  • Navigator (obstacle course): Set up 1-2 lanes of cones, hoops, empty ball cans, etc., as an obstacle course. Require players to navigate through the course while balancing a ball on their racquet, dribbling the ball down, or bouncing the ball up. A combination of skills and movement can make the activity more challenging. Players or teams can compete for highest score.   
  • Tennis Bowling:  Set up 10 empty tennis ball cans like bowling ball pins in the doubles alley. Participants start at the service line or the baseline (based on age and skill) and try and knock down the pins by rolling or drop-hitting a tennis ball.    Players can play 3 or more frames depending on the number of players waiting in line. 
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