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No matter the age, once you get players into organized play and competition, they will continue to patronize your facility for programs and… more competition.

Adults of any age – from those just finishing college through super seniors – enjoy playing on teams and in leagues. Find out about adult tennis options that you can offer your players.
Leagues: Adult leagues continue to grow across the U.S., providing opportunities for facilities and organizations to grow the game and increase participation. 
Whether players like singles or doubles, or want to compete locally or beyond, try to offer options that will suit all levels. 
Local, District, Section, National, International Events: You and your facility or organization can get involved in hosting or running events at all different levels. Looking to offer a town-wide mixed doubles event? Want to host a district or section adult tourney? Click here for more information.
Competitive Formats: Find out how to run different event formats that your players will enjoy, such as Non-Elimination Tournaments and Compass Draw Tournaments. Click here.
Friend at Court: Every facility or organization needs Friend At Court on hand. You can download this annually updated USTA handbook of tennis rules and regulations.
The 10 and Under Tennis play format has revolutionized tennis for youngsters. Kids are now getting into the game early, being active, learning proper technique, and having fun. Here’s how you can get more kids in the game.
How to provide tennis in schools: The USTA has created an extensive package of resources designed to make starting and maintaining a PE or after-school tennis program easy and enjoyable for all. Whether you are looking for tennis-specific physical education sessions, extracurricular programs, "No-Cut" teams or more, we can help. Click here for more info.
How to Host a Play Day: Informal yet competitive Tennis Play Days will enhance a child’s development and skills in a fun, engaging way. Typically, these Play Days allow for multiple matches with and against a variety of players, but the results are not documented (as they are in Jr. Team Tennis or Tournaments). It is fun for the parents to watch their children compete too! Find out more here.
How to Organize Team Tennis: USTA Jr. Team Tennis often is a child’s first experience at organized tennis play in a team setting. Click here to see how you can organize JTT in your area and bring more players to your courts, while helping kids develop not only their tennis, but also their social skills and spirit of cooperation.
For USTA Leagues and Tournaments, you and your players need to register on TennisLink. Whether you’re an organizer or a player, it’s quick and easy to get started. Just click here.
Official Rules
Make sure you always have a copy of Friend At Court on hand. Download this annually updated USTA handbook of tennis rules and regulations here.
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