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Journal for Junior Success

Innovation: Journal for Junior Success

Rationale: Anyone who studies human behavior change knows how critical journaling, record keeping and goal setting are to achieving success. Also, informing players of the necessary expectations and equipping them with the needed tools and skills is critical to gain clarity and a competitive edge. This is why it is beneficial to develop a binder for students who participate in a competitive junior program. Some suggestions for information to include in each student’s binder:

  1. Behavior- Expectations and a contract between coach and player
  2. Defining success in the program
  3. What makes a champion
  4. USTA information and The Code
  5. Hydration and Nutrition
  6. Basic tennis shot information
  7. Basic game plans for singles and doubles
  8. Defining types of players
  9. Mental toughness development
  10. College contact information
  11. Space to store lesson handouts
  12. Space for student reflections on each lesson
  13. Space for student reflections on matches played
  14. Space for student to state short- and long-term goals and strategies for achieving them
  15. Space for student to monitor improvement

Proven where: Rochester Athletic Club, Rochester, Minn.

Quote from the innovator: “We made it mandatory for students in our competitive player program to bring their binders to each practice. At first, this was met by resistance and inconsistent compliance. As those players graduated from the program, new players did not question the requirement. Having all of this information in one area greatly enhances learning, creates clarity and provides the player with a wealth of information. It requires the player to focus on self awareness, build self discipline and develop personal goals. It also lends tremendous professionalism to our program.”
-- Greg Lappin, General Manager, Rochester Athletic Club, Rochester, MN

For more information: Greg Lappin, glappin@rochesterathleticclub.com, 507-287-9305

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