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Below are samples of blended tennis lines from several acrylic surface manufacturers. These samples include a variety of lighter and darker blended playing lines on both green and blue court surfaces.  A 20% and 25%  mix with white is shown for lighter lines and black for darker lines for each sample.  The percentage identified in the mix is the amount of white or black acrylic paint by volume that has been mixed with the playing surface color.  The USTA believes the decision regarding the installation of lighter or darker lines on a 78 foot tennis court and the contrast should be the facility owner’s preference.
DecoSystems Deco Blue 20% Black  
  Deco Blue 20% White   
  Deco Blue 25% Black   
  Deco Blue 25% White   
  Deco Green 20% Black   
  Deco Green 20% White   
  Deco Green 25% Black   
  Deco Green 25% White  
Plexipave Plexipave Blue 20% Black  
  Plexipave Blue 20% White  
  Plexipave Blue 25% Black  
  Plexipave Blue 25% White  
  Plexipave Green 20% Black  
  Plexipave Green 20% White  
  Plexipave Green 25% Black  
  Plexipave Green 25% White  
Advanced Polymer Techonlogy Laykold Lt Blue 20% Black  
  Laykold Lt Blue 20% White  
  Laykold Lt Blue 25% Black  
  Laykold Lt Blue 25% White  
  Laykold Dk Blue 20% Black  
  Laykold Dk Blue 20% White  
  Laykold Dk Blue 25% Black  
  Laykold Dk Blue 25% White  
  Laykold Green 20% Black  
  Laykold Green 20% White  
  Laykold Green 25% Black  
  Laykold Green 25% White  
  Laykold Med Green 20% Black  
  Laykold Med Green 20% White  
  Laykold Med Green 25% Black  
  Laykold Med Green 25% White  
  Laykold Dark Green with Medium Green  
  Laykold Forest Green 20% Black  
  Laykold Forest Green 20% White  
  Laykold Forest Green 25% Black  
  Laykold Forest Green 25% White  
  Laykold Forest Green with Medium Green  
Dynaflex Dynaflex Green 20% Black  
  Dynaflex Green 20% White  
  Dynaflex Green 25% Black  
  Dynaflex Green 25% White  
  Neyra Blue 20% Black  
  Neyra Blue 20% White  
  Neyra Blue 25% Black  
  Neyra Blue 25% White  
  Xavier Blue 20% Black  
  Xavier Blue 20% White  
  Xavier Blue 25% Black  
  Xavier Blue 25% White  
Premier Sports Coatings Blue 20% Black  
  Blue 20% White  
  Blue 25% Black  
  Blue 25% White  
  Green 20% Black  
  Green 20% White  
  Green 25% Black  
  Green 25% White  
Nova Sports USA Nova Blue 20% Black  
  Nova Blue 20% White  
  Nova Blue 25% Black  
  Nova Blue 25% White  
  Nova Green 20% Black  
  Nova Green 20% White  
  Nova Green 25% Black  
  Nova Green 25% White  
SportMaster SportMaster Blue 20% Black  
  SportMaster Blue 20% White  
  SportMaster Blue 25% Black  
  SportMaster Blue 25% White  
  SportMaster Green 20% Black  
  SportMaster Green 20% White  
  SportMaster Green 25% Black  
  SportMaster Green 25% White  
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