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Stonyfield Tip of the Month: Holiday Eating Strategies

December 9, 2012 01:19 PM
Follow these tips to keep yourself in shape during the holiday season.
The holiday season is upon us. Over the next few weeks, as you are enjoying time with friends and relatives, your usual eating and training routine will most likely be disrupted. While a little disruption is healthy, don’t let yourself get so far off track you feel like you have to start all over in January. Follow these ten tips to keep yourself in "game shape" throughout the holiday season.
1. Don’t go hungry. Fill up on healthful snacks at home before you head off to a party. It will help prevent you from overindulging.
2. Go for a walk. Plan to take a mealtime walk around the neighborhood. Consider fitting it in just before dessert and invite the whole family to join.
3. Indulge in veggies. When the appetizers come around, commit to filling ¾ of your plate with veggies; use the remaining ¼ to indulge in other tempting treats. Use the same strategy at dinnertime, too.
4. Skip the seconds. Avoid the temptation of going back for another helping. If you’re still feeling hungry, have a glass of water and reassess before refilling your plate.
5. Drink wisely. Don’t overdo it on the alcohol; limit yourself to just 1 or 2 drinks. And choose wisely—opt for wine or beer instead of high calorie options like egg nog.
6. Modify your workouts. Adapt your workout schedule during the holidays. You may not be able to fit in your usual routine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Every little bit counts—even 10 minutes makes a difference.
7. Devise a dessert plan. Come up with a plan to manage your sweet tooth during the holidays—and stick to it. For example, allow yourself to taste one dessert each day.
8. Ask for help. Reach out to a professional to help you stick to a healthy eating plan during the holidays. You don’t have to do it alone; there are lots of resources to help you create a healthy shopping and/or meal list. For example, http://www.prepdish.com/. Take advantage!
9. Revise recipes*. Prepare your favorite holiday dishes with a twist—substitute the "bad" stuff with more healthful ingredients. For example, substitute mayonnaise, sour cream, or butter with yogurt to lighten up your recipes. Click here for a guide to help.
10. Listen to your gut. Be mindful while you eat. Pay attention to your body’s cues and stop yourself when you start to feel full. Focus on enjoying the company of friends and family—that’s what the holidays are all about.
*Look for some healthful holiday recipes coming soon!


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