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High and Low: Master two tricky volleys to stay in the point

April 25, 2013 12:21 PM
Master the high and low volleys to keep your team in the point.
By Greg Moran
Most doubles teams want to end points at the net, but it’s often a bad idea to try to hit a winning volley. Take high and low volleys, two tricky shots that often lead to errors.
When faced with a high, deep volley or a low volley, the goal should be to stay in the point and wait for a better opportunity. These two videos will give you the basics and more.
Watch them and you’ll learn…
1. If you’re standing behind the service line and the ball is shoulder height or above, play it safe and hit the ball deep with a motion that is more outward than downward.
2. If you’re inside the service line on a high volley, it’s time to be more aggressive.
3. On low volleys, resisting the urge to drop the racquet head will keep your volley from popping up.
4. Get low on low volleys and hit the ball deep without hitting it too high.
CLICK HERE for video instruction on the high volley.
CLICK HERE for video instruction on the low volley.
Greg Moran is the author of Tennis Doubles Beyond Big Shots and director of tennis at the Four Seasons Racquet Club in Wilton, Conn.


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