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Serve Success: Kick serves, slice serves and the perfect toss

January 17, 2013 10:40 AM
Throw the perfect toss, hit a solid kick serve and hit a great slice serve with these tips.
By Pat Dougherty
1. The Perfect Toss: Add more pop to your first serve by tossing the ball well into the court. Remember to release the ball at eye level, then launch yourself into the serve. Drill: Toss the ball ‘from thigh to eye.’
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.
2. How to Hit a Kick Serve: If you can hit a topspin serve, a deadly kick serve is easy to master. If you are having trouble generating enough spin, move your grip slightly towards the backhand side. Drill: Add kick to your topspin serve.
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.
3. Slice Serve for Success: In doubles, hitting a slice serve out wide will open up the net player for a put-away volley. Drill: Slice to set up your partner.
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.
Pat Dougherty is a senior coach at the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy.


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