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Player to Player: Improving Volleys

April 8, 2012 07:50 AM
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Player to Player is USTA.com’s regular feature in which everyday tennis players are given a forum to ask advice on the sport they love – and their fellow players will dish out advice. We’ll post a number of the best responses we receive to our question of the week.

Player to Player:
This week's question from Mona:
My 12 1/2-year-old son keeps banging his racquet on the court during matches. Twice we have pulled him off the court during competiton for doing this. He just doesn't seem to learn. Please help.
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Last week's question from Mark
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What are some tips and/or drills you would recommend for improving one's volleys?
Player Responses:
Kenny, Chicago

You want to be ready and don't swing at the volley. Keep you racquet in front of you, and push forward. You need to keep your eye on the ball and go towards it, also adjusting your position, like bending low or really stretching or diving like an edger.
Charles R.

I would start with a very simple drill, merely bouncing a live ball off your racquet and off the court. Do this until you can control the height of the ball and the location in the sweet spot, alternating sides of the racquet and catching the ball on your strings from different heights. A real challenging drill is to see how many times you can bounce the ball off the frame of your racquet. I think that learning to control your racquet and getting a feel for it is the first step in improving volleys.
*Please note that any advice given out in this forum should in no way be confused with actual medical advice. Before starting any new exercise regimen or altering your existing one, we strongly urge you to consult with your regular physician.
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