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Player to Player: Playing Taller Opponents

Do you struggle against taller players? Read advice from felllow players!

Real Tennis Players - Like You! - Asking For and Offering Advice on the Sport They Love

Player to Player is USTA.com’s regular feature in which everyday tennis players are given a forum to ask advice on the sport they love – and their fellow players will dish out advice. We’ll post a number of the best responses we receive to our question.

Latest question from Krissy: I'm a 4.0 club and USTA league player. Sometimes I find it difficult to maintain focus at points in my matches. What are some ways to help me maintain focus and not mentally check in and out?  

Do you have any advice for Krissy or a question of your own? Please share your thoughts by e-mailling Player@usta.com, and include your name for a chance to receive advice from your fellow players!

Last question from Joe: My doubles partner and I are short, and whenever we play a very good and tall net player, we struggle. We do try to lob and hit to the other player, but the taller player seems to still take over. Any advice for how to play against this type of player?


From Jannah:
Hit with heavy topspin to get the ball down at his feet so if he even returns it, he has to [volley] up and you can put it away.

From Kwanda: Hit straight at him.

From Vaughn: Use topspin to aim at him, never repeat the same shot and come into the net using drop shots.

From Bill: Play the feet. Like others said, use heavy topspin to the feet, drop shots and lobs after you've taken the player out of his comfort zone. Many taller players have issues moving quickly so make them move and bend!

From Brian: Hit the ball at his feet. Slice with no pace and serve into the body so he has to get out of his own way to return. Big guys hate that, so do I. I'm 6'6" tall, so I know what I'm talking about.

From Chris: Low slice, make them bend a lot and come into the net and pick them off. Take over the net!



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