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Q. In doubles, can the receiver's partner move as the opponent is serving?

Q. According to The Code, Rule 26. Hindrance, Case 5, the server's partner and the receiver's partner may stand anywhere on their side of the net, unless they are creating a hindrance. Does the receiver's partner, standing with one foot inside each service box and one to two feet toward the net from the service line, constitute a hindrance to the server? It has been conceded by the team doing this that it is deliberately done to make the service box appear smaller to the server. In addition, after the server tosses the ball into the air, but before she has struck the ball, the receiver's partner moves from her position to get out of the way of her partner's return.

A. (Answer to both questions above)

Players may not make motions that are meant to intentionally distract the opponent.

The receiver's partner may stand anywhere, even in the service box. Once the receiver's partner takes a position, he/she should remain there until the ball is struck. If the receiver's partner moves away before the ball is struck then it could be deemed that the only reason they initially took such a position was to hinder the server, and that is not allowed.

Waving your racket or stomping your feet is not permitted.

Q. How much movement is allowed by server's partner at the net so he can influence the return of serve? What is he allowed to do? What is he not allowed to do?

A. At no time may a player make any motions/sounds (waving racket, stomping feet, yelling out, making sudden drastic movements) that could hinder the opponents. The server’s partner must no commit any act that could be deemed as a hindrance as defined in the sentence above.

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