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Q. After a tie break, do you change ends from the side you started the tie break or from the side you are at when the tie break ends?

A. Change ends from the side you ended the tiebreak.

Q. Can you advise what determines the next server of the set following a tiebreaker?

A: Whoever served first in the tiebreak, the same player (team) who also served the first game of the set, receives to start the next set.

Q. In which court is the first point of a tiebreak served?

A: The deuce court.

Q. OK, you answered questions regarding who serves after a tie break is finished and what court the first tie break serve goes to, but I get confused about what court the players take following completion of a tie break. The tie break is an odd-numbered game, so it seems that there should be a changeover, but is that based on where the players began the tiebreak or where they finished it, or maybe on something else entirely.

A. During the Tiebreak players change ends every 6 points. Once the tiebreak is complete, there is a set break and the players change ends from the side that they ended the tiebreak.

Q.You've recently answered a question about who should serve first after a tiebreak. What side of the court should they serve from?

A: As noted above in a similar question, when the tiebreak is complete there is a set break and the players change ends to start the next set.

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