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Serving With Both Hands

Q. During a recent match, a player who was a “switch-server” (could serve right handed or left handed) was changing hands frequently and often during a point. They also had a unique style of standing parallel to the court when serving, making it difficult to determine which hand they were going to use to serve. I realize that the ability to serve well with either hand is an advantage but can someone change during a point, or even a game?

A. Players may serve with either hand and may play any shot with either hand. They may change anytime during a point or game.

Q. Is it permissible to serve with one's right hand and play the remainder of the point with the left hand?

Along the same line, I wonder if it is permissible to switch from right handed to left handed during a point or during a match?

A. A player may switch hands at any time during a point and throughout a match.

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