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When you watch the game of tennis you can appreciate the power and strength players tdoay have. On top of that, factor in the fact that matches can last anywhere from 30 minutes to more than 5 hours, and you quickly realize that tennis players have to have extrordinary fitness, power and endurance. A properly designed strength and conditioning program can help any player elevate his or her game to a new level.
The USTA Sport Science Department has put together a strength and conditioning program that does not require any fancy equipment or even a weight room. Originally designed for the USTA National Coaches as an "on the road training manual," these exercises can be used by virtually any tennis player to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

Strength and Conditioning for Injury Prevention
Access a variety of information on how strength and conditioning can be used to prevent injuries in any tennis player - from the professional player to the weekend warrior. Information includes an edition of the USTA High Performance Coaching Newsletter that deals entirely with this topic as well as step-by-step exercise descriptions for targeting "weak links" in the kinetic chain.

The Dynamic Warm-up
Gone are the days when static stretching was prescribed as a part of a warm-up plan for tennis. While static stretching is still important after parctice, today's warm-up should focus on getting the body warm and the heart and muscles ready to play. Learn more about how a dynamic warm-up can be incorporated into your tennis plan.

USTA High Performance Profile: Testing for Injury Prevention
The USA Tennis High Performance Profile (HPP) is a series of musculoskeletal tests that was assembled for the purpose of identifying muscular imbalances and pinpointing areas where tennis players should focus their physical training. The information obtained from the HPP can be used to prevent injury and optimize on-court performance.

This sample plan for college tennis players has been designed to give college tennis coaches and strength and conditioning coaches ideas as to how the conditioning sessions can be organized to prepare players for their seasons.
Access additional articles and resources related to strength and conditioning for tennis.
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