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Strength Training For Tennis


Strength training for tennis can be difficult to integrate into a training plan, particularly when players are on the road.  The exercises included in this are designed to enhance performance while also preventing injury.   As an adde benefit, all of the exercises can be performed "on the road" or on the court since thet do not require any fancy exercise equipment or a weight room.  All that is needed are a couple of cones, a medicine ball and some elastic tubing.  Use these exercises as the foundation of a strength and conditioning program for your tennis training program.

Download all of the Strength Training Exercises or view them individually below.

ST-1: Standing External Rotation

ST-2: 90-90 External Rotation

ST-3: Straight-arm Rowing

ST-4: Shoulder Retraction

ST-5: Single Arm Row

ST-6: Upright Row

ST-7: Lateral Raises

ST-8: Chest Press

ST-9: Low Row

ST-10: 3-Cone Balance Touches

ST-11: Lunges with Resistance

ST-12: Medicince Ball Squat with Chest Throw

ST-13: Medicine Ball Squat Toss 

ST-14: Medicine Ball Forehand and Backhand Throw

ST-15: Medicine Ball Power Drop

ST-16: Walking Lunge with Rotation

ST-17: Low to High Pulls

ST-18: Monster Walks

ST-19: One-leg Balance Pulls

ST-20: Wrist Flexion

ST-21: Wrist Extension

ST-22: Wrist Radial Deviation

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