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Prevention of hip injuries

Prevention of hip injuries

The loading and rotation associated with the open stance forehand places the hip at risk of injury.  Maintaining strength and flexibility in the muscles surrounding this joint can help to minimize this risk.

Monster walks: 

This exercise builds strength in the muscles on the outside of the hip – muscles that provide stability and help with lateral movement.  With a piece of elastic tubing around the ankles, start at the left doubles sideline facing the net.  Get into good athletic position – knees bent slightly and not over the toes, body upright and facing forward, and feet slightly wider that shoulder width apart.  Maintaining this position, slowly step laterally 6 inches with the right foot.  While controlling the band, lift the left foot and step in towards the right foot 6 inches.  Continue this pattern while “walking” to the other doubles sideline.  Repeat this exercise two times in each direction across the court.


Download a printable exercise description.


“Figure-4” stretch: 

Maintaining flexibility as you externally rotate the hip is essential for being able to load and unload the hip without injury.  The Figure-4 stretch is performed by crossing the right ankle over the left knee.  Grab behind the left knee with both hands and pull it towards your chest.  You will feel a stretch deep in the right hip.  Perform 2-3 times daily, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Additional exercises:

Medicine ball squats

Medicine ball throws

Medicine ball lunge with a twist

Low to High Pulls

Quadriceps and Hamstrings stretches

Hip flexor stretch 

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