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Low to High Pull

Low- to-high pull (described for a R-handed player)

The low-to-high pull is a multi-planar exercise that uses rotational movement patterns and integrates the entire kinetic chain.  To perform this exercise, adjust a cable column weight machine so the handle starts approximately one foot off the ground.  Position your body so you will have to rotate your torso to reach the handle in its starting position while also being able to bring the cable up and across your body during the lift.  Using a low to moderate weight, grasp the handle with both hands at the starting position while flexing the knees and loading the right leg.  Drive off the right leg while first pulling and then pushing the cable across the body so that the movement ends with both hands over the left shoulder with the arms fully extended.  Perform this exercise explosively and lower the weight in a controlled manner between each repetition.  Perform three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

low to high 1
low to high 2


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