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Find all the tips from expert coaches that you need to improve your serves, forehand, footwork and more.

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A Winning Plan: Give Your Doubles a Solid Foundation

A few basic elements will give your doubles game a solid foundation. Read more to learn about the three winners, serves and shots to hit for more success on the court. Read More

Guess Work: Anticipate your opponent's shots

Would you play better if you knew what shot your opponent was going to hit when you approach the net? Of course you would – and it’s possible to know, with a little practice. Read More

Living with a weak backhand

Everybody has a weaker side, sometimes a substantially weaker one, and it’s most commonly the backhand. But this need not discourage you, nor stop you from winning – it hasn’t in the cases of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Find out how. Read More

Chips, Lobs and Overheads

Do you know when to chip or lob? Or when to hit an overhead? Learn more about these tactics and it will help you take your doubles game to the next level. Read More

Think Before You Serve

Being smart is just as important as being strong when it comes to holding serve. Here are eight factors to consider before hitting your first or second serve in order to improve your odds of winning the point. Read More

Attack Plan: Fight Off an Aggressive Net Player

There’s no tougher opponent in doubles than an active net player. A quick and skillful volleyer can disrupt your team’s rhythm, rush you into bad shots and win a lot of easy points. Here's a plan of attack for the next time you come across one of these players. Read More

Warm Up to Win: Get a Leg Up On Your Opponents

Even if you haven’t played an opponent before, you have plenty of time to learn about his or her game during warm-up. You’ve almost certainly played someone similar, so you can draw on that knowledge, and here are a few tips for the rest. Read More

Style Points: Find a playing style that suits your game

Nick Bollettieri offers tips on how to find the perfect style to suit your game, taking into account your athleticism and temperament, as well as potentially adjusting grips, backswing and follow-through.​ Read More

High and Low: Master two tricky volleys to stay in the point

Most doubles teams want to end points at the net, but it’s often a bad idea to try to hit a winning volley. Take high and low volleys, two tricky shots that often lead to errors. When faced with a high, deep volley or a low volley, the goal should be to stay in the point and wait for a better opportunity. These videos will show you how. Read More

Smash Hit: Learn to Love the Overhead

The overhead is a shot top players love and club players fear. To win at a high level, you must develop a good overhead. These two videos will show you the basic technique and a great way to practice overheads with a partner. Read More
Results: 19 Record(s) Found.
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