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Find all the tips from expert coaches that you need to improve your serves, forehand, footwork and more.

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Spin Doctor: Keep your opponents on their toes

Each of the three kinds of spin – topspin, backspin (slice) and flat (no spin) – has advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the situation. Learn how to determine the best situations to effectively utilize each one. Read More

Sitting Duck: Know when to put away the high volley

When club players see a high volley headed their way, they almost always think, smash it. For sure, high volleys are ideal targets for winners, but not every high volley is a sitter. This video will teach you how to approach high volleys and make winning choices depending on the volley’s difficulty.​ Read More

Spin to win: Add more than topspin to your game

In today's game, if you rely on sheer power alone, you’ll come in last place. It’s a major part of the game, but spin is a bigger part. With spin, you can change the pace of the ball, make it bounce high, make it dance—and make your opponents uncomfortable. Read More

Eight-step program: Elevate your doubles game

If you’re serious about doubles, you and your partner need to develop a solid two-player practice routine. Here’s how to refine your doubles in eight steps—and you'll get a great workout too. Read More

Can you kick it? Boost your service game with the kick serve

Find out how to boost your service game by mastering the kick serve, from the right grip to the perfect toss to the right up-and-out motion. Read More

Instruction: The Need for Speed

Speed and athleticism are greater than ever in tennis, and that trend looks likely to continue. For an ordinary player, this can be disheartening. You’re probably thinking, "I’m just not that fast, and I never will be." There’s more than one kind of speed, though, and you can improve your quickness around the court with practice. Read More

Serve Success: Kick serves, slice serves and the perfect toss

From how to throw the perfect toss, how to hit a kick serve and how to hit a slice serve out wide, follow these instruction videos to improve your serve. Read More

Applied Science: Tools for your volleys, serve and return

From using low-compression tennis balls to using a towel to help practice your serve to using resistance band to hold you back as you practice service returns, here are some tools to help you improve your volleys, serves and returns. Read More

Three for Fore: Drills to help your forehand

Here are a few drills to help you hit your forehand deeper, faster and with pinpoint accuracy from inside-out forehands, to how to change direction of the ball and how to hit a forehand down the line.​ Read More
Results: 19 Record(s) Found.
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