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2009 Invacare World Team Cup Day 2

August 26, 2008 07:07 PM
By Jeremiah Yolkut

After 14 hours of tennis on Day 1 the U.S. team was back in action on Tuesday with the quad team taking on Japan, the juniors battling Argentina and the men taking on Germany.

Men’s Team

John Becker (USA) vs. Peter Seidl (Germany)
It wouldn’t be easy to match his results from Day 1, but John Becker would try as he started Tuesday off for the USA men’s team. Becker came out and battled with Seidl using his consistent forehand to push through 6-4 in the first set. In the second set Becker retreated from the net and fell into a series of unforced errors handing the set to Seidl 4-6. It was in the third set that Becker came out and played strong and relaxed tennis, hitting through the ball with a faster and more direct motion. His force was too much for Seidl as he closed out the rubber 6-2 to stay undefeated in singles play.

Paul Moran (USA) vs. Stefan Sommerfeld (Germany)
Paul Moran was handed a tough task once again: secure the second singles or be forced to go into doubles tied 1-1. Moran fought through some early troubles and went back and forth for most of the first set until falling to Sommerfeld’s power 5-7. In the second set Moran was plagued by several unforced errors. As rain moved in the match was postponed for the night at 2-4. When match play resumed on Wednesday Moran had gained a renewed sense of confidence bouncing back in the set and forcing a tie-break. After a hard fought match Moran dropped the tie-break 6-7, forcing the U.S. to focus on doubles.

Moran and Becker (USA) vs. Sommerfeld and Seidl (Germany)
As the doubles approached Moran and Becker knew they would need to turn up the heat to secure their first tie of the tournament. In the first set both players stayed back playing pensive and cautious leaving the set open for Germany to pounce 3-6. Becker and Moran would follow the same pathway in the second set, playing lethargic tennis and shying away from putting shots away at the net. Seidl and Sommerfeld never looked back winning the second set 2-6 and taking the tie.

Quad Team

After a convincing win on Monday against Team Canada the quad team prepared to stay strong and not become complacent with another round robin match against a lower seeded opponent.

Nick Taylor (USA) vs. Takashi Nagaoka (Japan)
Nick Taylor was ready for anything as he began his tilt against Takashi Nagaoka in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Taylor dominated from the first serve as he fired balls everywhere Nagaoka was not. It was clear that Taylor was the higher ranked player as he crushed his opponent 6-1, 6-0 in straight sets. Taylor commented after the match, “I played well and did what I needed to.”

David Wagner (USA) vs. Sadahiro Kimura (Japan)
After a semi-challenging Day 1, Wagner was ready for his battle with Kimura and showed that to the crowd on every point. Wagner demonstrated why he is the world No. 1 in the quad division, dissecting his challenger ball by ball. Kimura looked confused and frustrated as Wagner took care of the tie with a strong 6-0, 6-2 victory; assuring another tie for the US team.

Barten and Taylor (USA) vs. Kimura and Nagaoka (Japan)
Captain Harnett rushed from center court after Wagner’s singles to make a last minute change in his line-up as he decided pull Bryan Barten from the sidelines to complete the sweep in doubles. Barten pounded the ball as if he had been playing the singles and followed Taylor’s lead taking the first set 6-1. In the second set Taylor brought his patient temperament to the match, locking up the sweep with a 6-0 win.

For the second day in a row the quad team swept their opponent off the court 3-0. Next up for Team USA their old foe, the Dutch.

Junior Team

Mackenzie Soldan (USA) vs. Agustin Ledesma (Argentina)
After a tough first day Mackenzie Soldan looked to bring her strong competitive nature to Tuesday’s tie against the Argentineans. It was clear from the first set that her plan was working as she was all over the court matching every good shot Ledesma delivered. After being hampered by some pain in her arm and calling out the tournament physio, Soldan demolished Ledesma 6-1, taking the first set of the afternoon rubber. As the second set began it was clear her arm was hurting and her strokes were not as fluid. Soldan battled from down 1-4 to force a tie-break before succumbing to Ledesma’s solid shot selection, 6-7(3). The clouds started to roll in as the third set began, but that didn’t slow Soldan or Ledesma as they battled, trading games and forcing another tie-break. This time it would be for the match.

Just as Soldan went down 0-1 in the tie-break, the rain poured down delaying the match for an hour. As the match resumed about an hour later indoors the crowd diminished, but Soldan looked more confident and collected then before the delay. Down a break, Soldan rattled off the next five points firing balls at her opponent as if she had no time to waste in ending the match. As the nerves in the room swelled, Soldan kept up her attack and won the set 7-6(3) never seeming bothered by the change in venue or pressure of the unique situation.

Dylan Levine (USA) vs. Ezequiel Casco (Argentina)
As the rain clouds continued into Day 3, Levine and company were forced to move inside for the second singles match of the day. Levine started off a bit rusty as he adjusted to his new surroundings dropping the first three games but quickly rebounded, taking the first set 6-3. In the second set Casco came alive, battling Levine on every point while Levine struggled to find his first set rhythm. Levine scraped his way back and forced a tie-break that he quickly won 7-6(3), taking the tie from Team Argentina.

Women’s Team

The women had their day off on Tuesday, but didn’t sit around the hotel waiting for fun to come to them. Instead they took to Nottingham and headed downtown to some of the more famous sites in the historical city. They pushed through the town square, historic old Nottingham, and stopped at the Bell Inn for some traditional British grub at the famous pub established in 1437.

While still searching for something more historic the ladies of Team USA stopped off at The Nottingham Castle for a few pictures and a little dessert. Lucky for them the Castle sits near the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (established in 1189), where their sweet desires were satisfied by a variety of puddings.

After their fun day in the city the U.S. women returned to the tennis center for practice and some old fashioned cheering for their fellow countrymen.

The women’s team takes on the British on Wednesday.

Click here for the day's photo gallery


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