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USTA Team Tennis: Team Captain/Coach

Frequently Asked Questions: Team Captain/Coach

How do I become a Coach/Captain? 
Go to the TennisLink Team Tennis homepage and click on “Become a Coach/Captain” on the right side of the TennisLink homepage. If you have a USTA membership number, enter it in the top field. If you don't have a USTA membership, complete the form.
Can I register players?
The TennisLink system was designed for players to register themselves. However, since children need a credit card to pay the registration fees, parents are encouraged to work with their child and aid them in the process. A team captain/coach can register players if they have all of the detailed information required by TennisLink, such as an address, date of birth, etc.

How do I get a receipt for registration of players?
The final confirmation page you see when you register players displays an invoice number and amount charged. Print this page and use it as your registration receipt.

How do I add a program in my area?
After you have become a coach/team captain, go to the TennisLink Team Tennis homepage. Log in on the right side of the page under the heading "Captains and Coordinators" using your USTA number or Team Tennis ID number. Once you're logged into the system, a heading titled “My Options” will appear. Under the heading, “My Options”, click “Create a Program.” Fill in the information on each screen and click “Next.” This information will be sent to the Area League Coordinator. Once approved, you will receive a team number and your players can register.

What if my facility site is not listed in the database?
If you search for a facility site and cannot find it in the database, contact your Program Coordinator for the program you are creating a team in. They will be able to add your site to the selection options you have.

How do I enter a scorecard for a match? Confirm a score?
Only coaches and captains or coordinators can enter scores. Sign into the system by entering your registration ID number (USTA membership number or TennisLink Team Tennis ID number). Then follow the link on the left side, “Score Entry,” which can also be found on the homepage under “My Options.” You will be asked to enter the match number, which should have been supplied to you by your area league coordinator. Follow the screens to enter all of the information. It is a good idea to have a copy of the scorecard with the correct match scores and players in front of you prior to beginning the entry process. 
What should I do if I make a mistake after I have confirmed my scorecard?
Contact your Area League Coordinator to report the error. A person authorized to change scores will make the correction.

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