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USTA Junior Competition Announcements

This area of the USTA Junior Competition site will communicate important information that juniors, their parents and coaches, will need to know including new rule changes, updates to the tournament schedule and messages from the USTA’s Junior Competition Department and the Junior Competition Committee.

Changes to National Junior Tournament Schedule Announced
March 2012
The United States Tennis Association announced a series of reforms to the National Junior Tournament Schedule designed to make the system more efficient, effective and affordable for current players and those who will enter the pipeline through the association’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative.  Click here for more information on the changes.
Changes for 2012 to National Junior Ranking Point Tables
October 2011
The USTA has made changes to national junior ranking point tables that will become effective January 1, 2012.  These changes will impact all junior players who compete in national tournaments and who seek a national junior ranking.  Click here for more information on the changes.
New Entry Fees for USTA National Junior Tournaments
October 2011
Effective January 1, 2012, the USTA has approved new entry entry fees for national junior tournaments.  Click here for more information.
Match Formats Authorized for 2012 USTA National Tournaments
October 2011
Annually, the USTA approves the match formats that are used at tournaments on th National Junior Tournametn Schedule.  The formats that will be used in 2012 are the same that are being used in 2011.  Click here to view the 2012 Match Formats Chart that shows the formats used at all tournaments on the 2012 National Junior Tournament Schedule.
New Rest Periods Authorized in Junior Division Matches
September 2010
Beginning January 2011, rest periods that are allowed when players split sets in junior division matches have changed as follows:
• A mandatory 3-minute rest period is authorized between the end of a second set and the beginning of a Match Tiebreak when the Match Tiebreak is played in lieu of the 3rd set.  Coaching may take place during this 3-minute rest period.
• A mandatory 10-minute rest period is authorized between the end of a second set and the beginning of a 3rd set in all Boys' and Girls' 18 Division matches when the Best of 3 Tiebreak Set format is played.  Coaching may take place during this 10-minute rest period.  The 10-minute rest period has previously only been authorized in the Boys' and Girls' 16, 14, and 12 Divisions and only in the Boys' and Girls' 18 Divisions when the authorized by the Referee due to heat, humidity or othr adverse conditions.
Note that these new rules apply to all junior competition in USTA sanctioned touranments, not just matches played in USTA Junior National Touranments.
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