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Frequently Asked Questions

2015 Frequently Asked Questions

To enter the event use the following links:

The 16's need an IPIN but you enter at www.usta.com/ISC

The 18's division you log into your IPIN account and enter the division.

Players may only enter 1 division (16's or 18's)

This event uses ITF age eligibility so players turning 17 this year may not play the 16's division and players turning 19 this year may not play the 18's division.

Acceptance Procedure

18's division-The ITF receives and accepts all of the players for this division.  They use ITF rankings for accepting main draw and qualifying players (they also consider ATP and WTA Rank for acceptances).  They then use the top 200 list for each country (please note the USTA top 200 list is different than national ranking).  Then all players are drawn randomly.  For the specific details for the acceptance procedures go to www.itftennis.com/juniors and click on rules and regulations. 
16's division-The USTA accepts these players.  We use ITF ranking first followed by Country National Rankings.  For the USA, we use USTA 16's National Seeding and Selection List.  We will use the most updated national ranking list at the time of acceptance.
ITF and USTA National Points
This is an ITF Grade 1 event for the 18's division.  The 18's division is the only division to receive ITF points.
The 16's and 18's division both receive USTA Level 1 points.  (SCTA players also receive level 1 points in their section)

Procedure

According to ITF rules, all players must physically sign-in at the tournament and pay their entry fee.
16's Qualifier and Alternate players must sign-in from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Friday, March 27th
18's Qualifier and Alternate players must sign-in from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on Friday, March 27th
16's Main Draw players must sign-in from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Sunday, March 29th
18's Main Draw players must sign-in from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on Sunday, March290th
Please Note that all players (main draw, qualifiers and alternates must sign in during registration for an opportunity to play in the event.  If you do not plan to come for sign-in you should withdrawal prior to the close of sign-in.
16's - 48 Main Draw and 32 Qualifying Draw (8 players qualify)
18's - 64 Main Draw and 64 Qualifying Draw (8 players qualify)
Rounds of Matches (weather permitting)
16's Qualifying - 1 rounds on Saturday and 1 round on Sunday
18's Qualifying -1 round on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday
16's qualifiers will play singles on Monday
18's qualifiers will start singles matches on Tuesday
18's main draw singles first round matches will be played over 2 days (Monday and Tuesday)
16's main draw singles first round matches will be played on Monday (seeds will have byes)
16's Doubles Sign-In closes at 4:00 pm on Sunday
18's Doubles Sign-In closes at 12:00 pm on Monday
16's Doubles starts on Monday
18's Doubles starts on Tuesday
18's and 16's Doubles Acceptance Procedures are located in the Player's Handbook
Lucky Losers
Lucky Losers shall be selected as follows: Those players who lost in the last round of qualifying. Players with an  ITF junior ranking shall be randomly drawn and ordered first, thereafter the order of the unranked players shall be randomly drawn.
Lucky Losers should look at the bottom of the schedule each night to see what time they must sign-in.
ITF rules will be used.  Please note some rules are different from USTA rules
All main draw singles and doubles matches will be chaired (weather permitting).  There will be roving officials for qualifying matches.
According to ITF rules the chair umpire will make all of the line calls.  Players should be prepared to play every ball. 

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