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The following are the sanction application procedures for the 2017 National Junior Tournament Schedule.

Applications are due Monday, February 15, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. E.T.


The Junior Competition Committee has begun soliciting bids for the 2017 National Junior Tournament Schedule. The sanction process for National Junior Tournaments takes place annually. All existing sanction holders must re-bid each year in compliance with the deadlines and requirements.

National Junior Tournaments are the highest level of junior competition in the United States. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a significant level of experience and success in organizing USTA-sanctioned tournaments to be considered for a sanction.

In addition to a requirement that these tournaments are in full compliance with the USTA Regulations and the requirements set forth in the National Junior Tournament Committee Manual, organizers must be committed to the highest quality of tournament experience for the players that includes the following:

  • National-caliber facilities (for all sites), including courts, restrooms, shade and good viewing.

  • Primary facility must be committed to the tournament. We expect that the featured courts and most of the primary facility's courts will be used for tournament play.

  • The minimum number of tournament courts and practice courts must be reserved for the tournament.

  • Outstanding hospitality and player services, provided in a manner that distinguishes this as a USTA National Junior Tournament. Additional efforts beyond what is takes to run a sectional level tournament must be taken.

  • Outstanding communication with participants. This includes a commitment to respond to emails within 24 hours or less, pre-tournament email blasts to players, and an articulate and informed tournament desk staff. Additionally, the tournament website must include all of the information required by the USTA Regulations and the Tournament Committee Manual.

  • A policy related to rest between matches that ensures the health and well-being of players is taken into consideration. This means having an educated tournament desk staff that has the authority and is encouraged to authorize longer rest than is set forth in the minimum requirements of the USTA regulations.

  • A rain plan must be in place. Even if no indoor back up is available, the tournament must prepare a plan to adjust to inclement weather conditions and have good communication with players.

  • All participants must receive an event-specific gift.

  • Mandatory attendance at the Tournament Director Workshop by director or other approved representative.

  • Tournaments committees may have to secure sponsorships to meet the expectations of quality and service the USTA is looking for at its national tournaments.

Applicants unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements should not apply.

Only those persons authorized by an Applicant may submit a bid. Eligible applicants include USTA Organization Members, sectional associations, district associations or subdivisions of a sectional association, and direct member clubs or organizations.

To quickly locate information on specific topics related to the application for 2017 National Junior Tournaments, click on the topic in the list below:

2017 National Junior Tournaments
Application Deadline
Sanction Application Overview
Sanction Application Step One - Online Sanction Form
Sanction Application Step Two - Supplemental Bid Form
Sanction Application Step Three for USTA National Level 3 Tournaments and Other USTA National Junior Tournaments ONLY - Supplemental Bid Form

2017 NATIONAL JUNIOR TOURNAMENTS:  Click here to download a list and description of the 2017 National Junior Tournaments for which the Junior Competition Committee is accepting bids. Prior to submitting a Sanction Application, please review the downloadable document. Applicants are responsible for understanding the requirements of the events for which they bid. Sanction dates, draw sizes, draw formats and entry fees are mandated and may not be changed by a tournament committee. The downloadable document also includes the minimum court requirements for the tournaments and the recommended number of practice courts.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:   The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, February 15, 2016 (one minute before midnight, Eastern Time). Applications may be denied solely on the basis of lateness.

SANCTION APPLICATION OVERVIEW:  The application is a multiple-step process; all steps of which must be completed by the application deadline. Applications may be denied solely on the basis of failing to complete one of the two steps or submitting an incomplete application.

  • One Bid for First Choice of Division(s): The bid must be for the applicant’s preferred choice of division or divisions and the applicant may not apply for more divisions than its is able to hold (based on the minimum court requirements). When more than one division is being bid on (e.g., The USTA Boys' 18 and 16 USTA National Championships), one Online Sanction Form and one Supplemental Bid Form is required. Do not submit two separate sets of forms. If the applicant is open to hosting any division, it must still bid on its preferred choice of division(s)there will be a place on the Supplemental Bid Form to indicate alternate divisions that would be acceptable to the Applicant, as well as a place to indicate whether the applicant is willing to take fewer divisions.

  • One Bid Required for Each Tournament: Applicants submitting bids for more than one tournament must submit a separate Online Sanction Form and Supplemental Bid Form for each tournament. For example, if both a February USTA National Level 2 Tournament and an October USTA National Level 2 Tournament are being bid for, two separate Online Sanction Forms and two separate Supplemental Bid Forms must be completed.  There will be a place on the Supplemental Bid Form to indicate the Applicant's preferred tournament.


Step One - Online Sanction Form (OLS): The first step is to apply online using the Online Sanction Form, also referred to as the OLS. Click the link below to be taken to the login page where the online process begins: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/login.aspx

  • Support: Email the TennisLink Team for assistance at linkteam@usta.com.

  • USTA Membership:  All applicants must have a current USTA Membership through the end date of the tournament for which an OLS is being submitted. For example, if the tournament being applied for is to be held in May 2017, the membership must be through at least May 2017.

  • Naming Tournaments:  When submitting a bid, give the tournament the name as set forth on the 2017 National Tournament Descriptions document. For example: USTA National Level 2 Tournament, USTA Zone Team Championship, or USTA National Indoor Championship. If this bid is for an Other USTA Junior National Tournament, submit the preferred name of the tournament.

  • Online Sanction Form Must Include All Information Requested:  All information requested on the OLS must be provided. Please treat the request for the tournament organizer as a request for the name of the tournament chairman. Direct any questions regarding requested information to jrcomp@usta.com.

  • Online Sanction Form Must Have "National Junior Schedule Event" Selected as "Category":  Applicants must select "National Junior Schedule Event" under "Category," which is found under the "General" tab in the "Tournament Info" section on the Online Sanction Form. The bid will not reach the Junior Competition Committee and may not be considered if "National Junior Schedule Event" is not selected in the "Category" section.

  • Online Sanction Form Must Have "USTA Endorsed" Selected as "Entry Type":  Applicants must select "USTA Endorsed" under "Entry Type" which is found under the "Entry Info" tab in the Entry Details" section on the Online Sanction Form.

  • Online Sanction Form "Player Selection Type":  Applicants must select the following "Player Selection Type":

- USTA National Championship Bid - Clays, Hards, and Winters: "National Championship"

- USTA National Championship Bid - Spring and Indoors: "Tournament Director Selection Process"

- USTA National Level 2 Tournament: "National Open"

- USTA National Level 3 Tournament: "Tournamet Director Selection Process"

- USTA Team Championship: "No Selection Process"

- Other USTA Junior National Tournaments: "Tournament Director Selection Process"

  • Payment of Sanction Fee:  The credit card payment of the fee for an approved sanction does not take place until late in the calendar year. To avoid delays in an approved tournament appearing in the Searchable Schedule, if at all possible, please provide a credit card that has an expiration date on or after Nov. 31 of the year in which the application is submitted.

  • Tournament ID Number:  Make a note of the Tournament ID Number that is issued when the OLS is submitted as it is a required field on the Supplemental Bid Form. The number appears under the "Tournament ID" heading on the "My Tournaments" page

  • Submit Online Sanction Form:  An Online Sanction Form is not submitted until the applicant clicks "Submit" on the "My Tournaments" page. Once all information has been provided on the OLS, click "Click here to finish" that appears on the top of the page. This will take the applicant to the "My Tournaments" page. Click "Submit" under the "Action" heading.  Once the Online Sanction Form has been submitted, "Pending" will appear under the "Status" heading.

Step Two - Supplemental Bid Form:  The Supplemental Bid Form is an additional automated form that provides information to the Junior Competition Committee not provided on the OLS. It must be submitted for each tournament by the application deadline. Submission of the Supplemental Bid Form is mandatory and applications may be denied solely on the basis of failing to submit a timely Supplemental Bid Form.


To assist applicants in preparing the Supplemental Bid Form, a sample version can be downloaded by clicking here. Download and review BEFORE completing the automated form. Once you start a Supplemental Bid Form, you will not be able to save, exit and return to the Form at a later time.


Click here to complete a Supplemental Bid Form for a USTA National Championship

Click here to complete a Supplemental Bid Form for a USTA National Level 2 Tournament

Click here to complete a Supplemental Bid Form for a USTA National Level 3 Tournament

Click here to complete a Supplemental Bid Form for a USTA Team Championship

Click here to complete a Supplemental Bid Form for Other USTA National Junior Tournaments

Step Three for USTA National Level 3 Tournaments and Other USTA National Junior Tournaments ONLY - Master Schedule Plan (MSP): Because draw sizes, draw formats and match formats will vary, a Master Schedule Plan, also known as an MSP, is required for all USTA National Level 3 and Other USTA National Junior Tournament bids. Click here to download the MSP template that will be used to copy and revise and submit your plan. The MSP must be submitted to jrcomp@usta.com and AndreaN64@aol.com no later than the application deadline.

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