USTA Awards: Ralph W. Westcott

Family of the Year

January 1, 2017
<h2>USTA Awards: Ralph W. Westcott</h2>
<h1>Family of the Year</h1>


Awards luncheon during the USTA Annual Meeting & Conference, held annually each spring (March/April).



To be eligible for the award, a family must first be nominated by their sectional association.



All members of the family must be USTA members and must be active in volunteering in some or all of the following: Serving as a volunteer in fostering tennis in one or more of the age divisions and at least one or all levels of the USTA in such activities as conducting tournaments, developing and/or sustaining junior and adults programs, holding office(s) at any level of the USTA, volunteer coaching, competing in tennis, and enriching the game of tennis in other related activities.



Each section submits its Family of the Year nominee to the USTA Awards Committee in accordance with the instructions forwarded from the USTA Office. The Awards Committee selects the USTA Family of the Year from those sections submitting nominations.



Follows the Spring Awards Timetable. See the Awards homepage for the standard timelines.



Christine Castro



This award was initiated in 1965 by Martin L. Tressel, President of the USTA in 1965-66, to emphasize the theme that "Tennis is a Family Game."



This award was initiated in 1965 by Martin L. Tressel, President of the USTA in 1965-66, to emphasize the theme that "Tennis is a Family Game."  The award is made annually to the family who in recent years has done the most to promote amateur tennis, primarily on a volunteer basis. All members of the family should participate in some way, either as players or by offering their services in running programs or tournaments or in junior development activities.  The committee feels that volunteerism is the backbone of the USTA and should be rewarded when possible.




1965 - The John F. Sullivan Family

1966 - The Will Rompf Family

1967 - The Charles Pasarell Family

1968 - The Bundy-Cheney Family

1969 - Not Awarded

1970 - Not Awarded

1971 - The James M. Gray Family

1972 - Not Awarded

1973 - The George Acker Family

1974 - The Forrest A. Hainline Jr. Family

1975 - The Joseph Garcia Family

1976 - The Francis Wilson Family

1977 - Not Awarded

1978 - The Herbert B. Gengler Family

1979 - The John Vest Family

1980 - The Leo Power Family

1981 - The Gideon Weber Family

1982 - The Joseph Donnovin Family

1983 - The Rolla Anderson Family

1984 - The Eugene S. Jung Family

1985 - The James Buck Family

1986 - The Warren Whitlinger Family

1987 - The Herbert Nakamura Family

1988 - The Dutch Vosters Family

1989 - The Russell Ball Family

1990 - The James Farley Family

1991 - The Thomas Lord Family

1992 - The Ron Bohrnstedt Family

1993 - The Joe Ed Burnam Family

1994 - The David E. Engle Family

1995 - The Richard B. Riley Family

1996 - The Brad Parks Family

1997 - The Thomas C. Balsiger Family

1998 - The Steven K. Champlin Family

1999 - The Hugh and Paddi Waters Family

2000 - The Lee Hammel Family

2001 - The Randy and Leslie Jackson Family

2002 - The J.C. and Donna Louderback Family

2003 - The Douglas and Delaine Mast Family

2004 - The Jon and Shari Vegosen Family

2005 - The George and Jeanne Austin Family

2006 - The Roy and Colleen Barth Family

2007 - The Don and Becky Cleveland Family

2008 - The Larry and Susan Kline Family

2009 - The Joe and Cindy Walz Family

2010 - The Illges Family

2011 - The Huether Family

2012 - The Osborn Family

2013 - The Stingley Family

2015 - The Powith Family

2016 - The Griffin Family

2017 -  The Norman Family


* 2014 not awarded due to a change in timeline


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