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Applying for a USTA National

Committee: FAQS

<h2>Applying for a USTA National</h2>
<h1>Committee: FAQS</h1>

1. Who appoints members to national committees?


According to the USTA Bylaws, the USTA President makes all committee appointments. The Advisory Group on Committees (AGC) assists the President during the Committee Appointment Process (CAP).


2. What are the national committees for which I can apply?


There are several different volunteer committees that address issues affecting tennis such as junior competition, rules and regulations, officials, schools, sportsmanship and more. Although the committee structure may vary term to term, you can view the current structure by visiting here


3. What do the national committees do?


Some national committees serve as advisory groups on specific tennis-related initiatives, such as sport science trends. Others provide service for and at USTA events such as league championships, junior player tournaments, wheelchair tennis clinics, and more. ADVERTISEMENT All committees have a volunteer chair and staff member who coordinate the committee communications and actions.


4. If I am currently serving on a national committee, do I need to apply for the following term?


Yes, every person who wishes to serve on a national committee must complete an online Volunteer Application each term. The attached Committee Appointment Process (CAP) card lists the timeline and other important information for 2021-2022. 


5. Where can I find the application?

The 2021-2022 National Volunteer Application opens on July 15, 2020. The deadline to submit an application is September 22, 2020.  

Click here: USTA National Committee Application


Please email if you have any questions.


6. What information is required on the application?


  •     Name and contact information
  •     What committee/s applying for – up to three
  •     What position sought – member, vice chair, chair, council chair
  •     USTA involvement
  •     Tennis & other volunteer activities
  •     Relevant employment/skills
  •     Educational background
  •     Self-assessment of personal leadership competencies


7. What factors are considered for appointment?


  •     Experience/skills/expertise/competencies
  •     Relevance to committee
  •     Leadership competencies
  •     Diversity
  •     USTA section/geographic representation
  •     USTA section endorsement
  •     Incoming committee chair input


8. What are some examples of leadership competencies?


  •     Customer focus
  •     Integrity and trust
  •     Interpersonal savvy
  •     Managing diversity and inclusion
  •     Organizational agility
  •     Priority setting
  •     Results orientation



9. Who serves on the USTA national committees?


National committee members include representatives from the tennis industry; volunteers from the USTA sections, states and districts; local community tennis leaders; and others with a passion for tennis. Anyone may apply to be appointed to a national committee.


10. Are there any specific requirements for appointment?


  • All USTA Board and committee members must be USTA members.
  • Committee members must be proficient in the use of the internet. Much of the communication for committees is done by email, using word processing software. You would be trained and required to use an online discussion and document-sharing collaboration with Google Sites.
  • Committee members are expected to attend two meetings per year: the USTA Annual Meeting (held in the spring) and the Semiannual Meeting (held in New York during the US Open) and participate in committee teleconferences as scheduled.
  • Committee members are expected to actively participate in the needs of the committee throughout the year.


11. Are expenses paid for members to attend these meetings?


The USTA does not cover costs for committee members. You may contact your section to determine if they may subsidize these costs. 


12. When are applicants notified of their committee appointment/s?


Committee chairs and council chairs are notified in October. Committee members are notified in December.


13. Why are changes to the Council/Committee structure not announced before the application opens? 


The Bylaws of the United States Tennis Association determine the timeline for the committee appointment process (CAP). The application process begins on Aug. 1 of the second year in the term. At that time, the slate for the upcoming term has not been announced. The current committees are still meeting and work continues until the end of the year. In accordance with this timeline, council/committee structure changes are not finalized prior to the deadlines set in the USTA Bylaws regarding the announcement of the new slate and subsequent timeframe for an alternative slate. The slate for the upcoming term is due on Sept. 20 (Bylaw 35f). The application closes on Sept. 21. Any petitions for an alternative slate must be submitted by Oct. 15 (Bylaw 35 h. ii.). After that date, if no petition is submitted, the term “President Elect” can be used (Bylaw 35 i) and the appointment process can begin. The Board of Directors for the upcoming term is affirmed on Oct. 25 (Bylaw 38).  


14. What happens if I apply for a committee that is no longer available and do not select any other committee?


Any applicant that chooses a committee that is not in the organizational chart for the next term who only selects that committee will be contacted to review alternate opportunities. No other applicants will be contacted individually.


15. Who reads the applications that are submitted for committee selection?


Applications are read by a number of people who participate in the selection process.  Section Leadership has access to the applicant’s information from their section. The Council Chairs have access to all applications and work closely with the Section Leadership they have been assigned to assist. Newly appointed Committee Chairs review the applications for their individual committees.  The First Vice President, the Advisory Group on Committees Chair, Coordinator and Staff Member have access to all applications and review accordingly.  


16. What happens to volunteers who are not re-appointed?


Volunteers who have served USTA 20 years or longer receive the following benefits for lifetime:  


  •     Invitation to Annual Meeting and Conference and Semiannual Meeting and Conference
  •     Access to AMEX Travel
  •     Access to USTA Hotel rates at meetings
  •     Meals at official functions
  •     Priority ticket order form for US Open
  •     USTA Volunteer Non-Photo Pass for one plus guest
  •     Access to US Open Bus Transportation
  •     Access to USTA Volunteer Lounge and Seating area


Volunteers who have served USTA less than 20 years receive the following benefits for two years following their last appointment:


  •     Invitation to Annual Meeting and Conference and Semiannual Meeting and Conference
  •     Access to AMEX Travel
  •     Access to USTA Hotel rates at meetings
  •     Meals at official functions
  •     Priority ticket order form for US Open
  •     USTA Volunteer Non-Photo Pass for one plus guest
  •     Access to US Open Bus Transportation
  •     Access to USTA Volunteer Lounge and Seating area


17. If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?

Scott Steinberg

Chair, Advisory Group on Committees and Evaluations




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