USTA Mid-Atlantic is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting tennis and its physical, social, and emotional health benefits. We envision a community where tennis is accessible and available for all people to play. 




USTA Mid-Atlantic believes that through the sport of tennis, people and communities grow stronger, healthier, and more connected. Through the work that we do, we aim to make tennis viable and accessible to all people in every community in the Mid-Atlantic.


USTA Mid-Atlantic is celebrating 100 years of promoting and developing the growth of tennis in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1923, our mission to grow the sport has not wavered and remains more relevant than ever. 

Explore our programs of impact below. 

USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates

Community, Character, and Well-being

USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates Community

USTA Mid-Atlantic fosters social connections and uplifts neighborhoods and communities by creating fun opportunities for people of all ages to engage in physical activity while fulfilling social and emotional needs that infuse vibrancy in people that last a lifetime. This is done through community tennis programs and providers like:


Tennis leagues, which promote camaraderie among various ages, abilities, and from across the region.

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Youth tennis and junior teams foster friendships among youth and parents, promote good sportsmanship, and build a solid foundation for lifelong play. 

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Safe and well-maintained places to play through the Facility Restoration Grant. This grant improves community well-being and enhances tennis courts in local areas that are in need of refresh and revitalization. 

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USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates Character

USTA Mid-Atlantic supports tennis facilities, events, and programs that create opportunities for character-building through the sport generally, as well as through the delivery of the sport by teachers, coaches, and tennis pros. Our support shines through with our: 


Junior Scholarship Program, which is intended to increase access to youth tennis programs across the Mid-Atlantic. This scholarship program is intended to break the barriers of entry into the sport and encourage all players to pick up a racquet. 

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Training and curriculum for PE teachers and youth providers. By offering tennis in the classroom and school, providers help create positive and supportive environments for ALL kids to participate in tennis. 

Learn more about our Tennis in PE curriculum here

USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates Well-being

USTA Mid-Atlantic ensures that tennis can be played by all ages and ability levels, enjoyed by families and across generations and that all who play have the opportunity to benefit from the long-lasting physical and social-emotional aspects of the sport. 


Physical benefits include improved health and muscle development; agility and balance; brain functioning and focus; bone health and eyesight maintenance; as well as possibly increasing life expectancy. 


Social-emotional benefits include decreased stress levels, decreased isolation and loneliness, increased social connections, and improved confidence and mental outlook. 







When you give a gift to USTA Mid-Atlantic you can feel proud knowing that you are helping create community, character, and well-being through everyday tennis moments. As a charitable nonprofit, USTA Mid-Atlantic relies on the generosity of people like YOU who help us succeed on the mission and make it possible for EVERYONE to experience all the benefits tennis has to offer. Make a gift today!