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Peter Francesconi | June 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in this country and around the world—including how we do business—and I expect this to continue through the coming years. While working at home has proved to be a valid solution for many (although I’m sure many of us are tired of the seeming over-reliance on Zoom calls), when it comes to delivering tennis at the grassroots level, working from home is not an ideal option.


But now, as we are all grappling with how to safely reopen businesses and facilities and getting lessons and programs back in place (following state, local and USTA guidelines), I hope you’ve all been able to take advantage of some of the educational opportunities that are available for tennis providers and others in this industry. 

The USTA, PTR and USPTA—and many other groups such as IHRSA and the SFIA—have been offering webinars and podcasts on all sorts of relevant topics, with qualified experts both within racquet sports and outside of this industry. All this practical advice can provide key insights that you and your staff can use to manage your business and deal with the many challenges we’re all facing. Many of these webinars and podcasts are free—and even better, many offer continuing education credits to help you keep your career on track. 


I realize that we’re all now getting more and more “stuff” in our email inboxes—but don’t ignore the notices about webinars and podcasts. Take a few seconds to see if the topic can apply to what you do, or what your staff is doing, then sign up or direct staff members to sign up. 


If you can’t be on the live webinar or podcast, it’s probably been recorded, so you can view it when it makes sense for your schedule. Go to the USTA, PTR and USPTA websites to see what may be available. In fact, you might want to start by going to tennisindustryunited.com and clicking on the “webinars” and/or “podcasts” links, to see what’s coming up and what’s been archived for you to access. There are dozens of webinars on demand at tennisindustryunited.com, covering all sorts of topics relevant to your business, and hosted by the USTA, USPTA and PTR (including some in Spanish). 


Keep the education going—to help your business, your career and this sport.




Peter Francesconi is the editor of Racquet Sports Industry magazine.

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