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Social League


If you're looking for an exciting tennis experience that focuses not only on tennis, but also having fun with friends and meeting new people, then Adult Social Tennis is for you! The USTA is offering two types of Adult Social Tennis Programs: Social Leagues & Team Up Events.


Social Leagues not only offer a low-pressure tennis team environment for adults but they also offer networking opportunities and social engagement with tennis enthusiasts in your community.  This turnkey program offers many benefits for adult players of all levels. This is a great program for a brand new player, a player looking to get back involved with tennis or an experienced player looking for another play opportunity.


Social Leagues have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. The key components of Social Leagues are:

  • Co-Ed
  • A multi-week season that may/may not include local playoffs
  • Levels vary depending on the league
  • Low cost and 1 time bundled fee
  • Shortened format - most popular being timed matches
  • Limited Rules/Regulations
  • All-inclusive environment


By supporting Social Leagues, you are aligning your goals with the USTA’s in getting more adults playing tennis more often. We encourage creativity and a relaxed, social, and inviting environment for players as a key to a successful Social League. We believe that Social Leagues instill the love of the game in future generations, and ensure that tennis remains a vibrant sport in our communities for years to come!



If you have any questions please reach out to Marilyn Sherman Social Play, National Manager, or your section's contact below.
Unsure of your Section? See the Map

Check out these tips for success as you build your young adult teams


Make more money

Attract new players

Retain more players

Fill open court time

Easy to organize/host/run

Diversify your program offerings

Create an exciting social and fun environment

Ready to get started? 

See what others are saying..

“Social leagues serve as a great in-between bridge of casual players, competitive players, old and new. Social leagues don’t care if you’re a 4.5 or an 0.0, red ballin’ machine, in a wheelchair, pregnant, or just bought a racquet — there’s a spot for you! We design our leagues to attract the most people possible with easy formats, food, drinks, childcare, and an opportunity to socialize after. Ask what the players want and make it happen. They’ll keep coming back for more.”
“Adult Social Leagues and Team Up events are easy to follow formats for providers and are very well-received by the players… I highly encourage all providers to incorporate some Social Leagues/Team Up Events as they are an important piece in the adult tennis pathway.”
“It’s been amazing how the Chicago District Tennis Association has embraced and responded to the potential for growing adult participation through Social Leagues and events. There has been an upward spike in energy and enthusiasm with how simple it is creating new ideas and starting new social leagues. They’re jumping on the social league and event opportunities and asking for more.”

Resource Library

Looking for resources to help you run a Social League? Check out the Resource Library.

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