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Team Tournament

Team Tournament is an innovative way for children to gain match experience, develop their skills through level-based play, and demonstrate good sportsmanship! This turnkey program offers many benefits for new youth tennis players as well as great resources for providers! This new Net Generation experience is for orange, green, and yellow ball.


We are positioning Team Tournament before players move on to Junior Team Tennis or individual tournaments. Participants are expected to at least overarm serve into the appropriate service box and sustain hitting rally. This program must be delivered by Net Generation Safe Play approved providers.


Team Tournament is designed to be delivered as a single event or a series of up to six events, with the objective of providing a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development, and it is a fantastic way to introduce a lifelong love of the game from the very first play opportunity!



New Revenue Potential          

User-Friendly Registration System

Diversifies Program Offerings   


Easy to Organize/Host/Run         

Team Tournament Host Kit

Turn-Key Marketing Materials


Team Competition                                  
Short Time Commitment – up to ½ day
Developmentally Appropriate Formats             
Use Orange, Green or Yellow Balls
Emphasis on Gaining Match Experience           
Develops Good Sportsmanship

What's the Difference

Team Challenge and Team Tournament are new programs offering low pressure team environments for children of all ages to gain match experience, develop their skills through level based play, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
These programs and their supporting resources will help you deliver a fantastic introduction to the sport of tennis to youth all over, which can lead to a lifelong love of tennis from the very first play opportunity!

Host a Team Tournament Pilot Today!

Interested in hosting a Team Tournament pilot? Register your pilot program online through TennisLink as a Junior Team Tennis program or through the Serve Tennis programming module. For information on how to get started in Serve Tennis, please click here.

Resource Library

Looking for resources to help you run a Team Tournament? Check out the Resource Library.

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