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Team Up Events


If you're looking for an exciting tennis experience that focuses not only on tennis, but also having fun with friends and meeting new people, then Adult Social Tennis is for you! The USTA is offering two types of Adult Social Tennis Programs: Social Leagues & Team Up Events.


Team Up Events are doubles and team-based competition that last no longer than 4 hours (with 3 hours on court and another hour off court for a player social). Team Up Events provide level based competition using a round robin, team draw and timed match scoring format. Players are placed on teams by the provider to ensure even skilled teams for the best possible on and off court experience for players.


Team Up Events are all about setting the tone for players that this will be a fun first, competition second, experience.  One of the best ways to model that is by adding a theme to your Team Up Event.


By supporting Team Up Events, you are aligning your goals with the USTA’s in getting more adults playing tennis more often. We encourage creativity and a relaxed, social, and inviting environment for players as a key to a successful Team Up Event. We believe that Team Up Events instill the love of the game in future generations, and ensure that tennis remains a vibrant sport in our communities for years to come!


If you have any questions please reach out to Marilyn Sherman Social Play, National Manager, or your section's contact below. 



If you have any questions please reach out to Marilyn Sherman Social Play, National Manager, or your section's contact below.
Unsure of your Section? See the Map

Check out these tips for success as you build your young adult teams

Ready to get started? 

Resource Library

Looking for resources to help you run a Team Up event? Check out the Resource Library.

See what others are saying..

“In Richmond, VA, we’ve introduced a weekly ‘match play’ tennis program for beginners. Just show up and play a fun but competitive match with players of similar skill levels. No assigned partners; players just switch around and keep count of the number of games won each session. At the end of the fourth session, a king and queen of the court will be awarded a special prize package and a players’ party with adult beverages for everyone. Fun with new friends and food. What better way to spend an evening?!”
“The social play events we host at our Azusa Tennis Program is a great way to create an entry point for new and returning tennis players invited by their friends. With a focus on a fun, positive experience, we are seeing a lot of returning players who want more.”
“Adult social programs are not only helping grow our sport by connecting with new players, but it has helped me connect as a provider with people I wouldn’t have otherwise. Being able to see firsthand the new friendships made via social play interaction lets me know that the future of our sport is very bright with these programs leading the way.”

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