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Find the right tennis programs

For Youths and Adults

October 25, 2017
<h2>Find the right tennis programs</h2>
<h1>For Youths and Adults</h1>

A crucial component of your coaching is both finding players and finding the right programs for those players. The good news is that there are exciting options for players of all ages and abilities, including simple ways to get new people – and former players – into the game.


Adult Tennis Programs

For young adults through super seniors, tennis can be a time for family, friends, fitness, fun, teammates, competition, tournaments, social play and more. 


The benefits of tennis for your players and community are almost limitless. Tennis will help broaden social networks, give people a fun way to get fit and provide an outlet for competition.


Here’s a look at a few options:

  • USTA League: The country’s largest recreational tennis league, USTA League is open to all USTA members 18 and over and includes 40 & over and 55 & Over divisions. ADVERTISEMENT Starting a USTA League team at your facility is a great way to engage your current players and perhaps bring in a contingent of fresh faces.

  • Adult Tournaments: There are an array of adult and senior tournaments offered through or sanctioned by the USTA, whether it’s a local tournament where are players can compete or a national event. So whether you want to host an event yourself or alert your students to opportunities, adult tournaments are a great outlet.

  • Social Play Opportunities: Social play opportunities mix competition with a big dose of fun, with a focus on meeting new people and hanging out with friends. From Cardio Tennis to social leagues like “Sets in the City,” social tennis clubs or mixed doubles and post-match happy hours, there are a variety of options available throughout the country. Offering one at your facility could be a great way to attract younger adults to your programs.


Youth Tennis Options

Getting kids into the game early will help ensure a solid base of players for the future. With youth tennis and tennis sized right for age and ability, there are now an array of exciting and fun ways to keep kids engaged in the sport.

  • Play Events: These events are designed to introduce kids to tennis in a low-pressure setting, where results aren’t documented and the emphasis is on fun. Tennis events can be hosted anywhere and provide kids with the opportunity to continue developing their skills. 

  • Junior Team Tennis: Kids love playing on teams. Through singles, doubles and mixed doubles, team competition promotes social skills and gives kids the opportunity to play with friends on a coed team. Offering Junior Team Tennis is a great way to captivate young players – and to get and keep them in the game for life.

  • Junior Tournaments: For kids looking to compete at a higher level, or to improve their games through competition, USTA Junior Tournaments can be a great fit. And like adult tournaments, hosting a junior event is a great way to draw new players and the support of the local community.

  • Schools Tennis: A strong tennis program in your local schools is a great way to introduce tennis to a large population of players – players that could eventually come to your programs. To that end, the USTA, in collaboration with the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE), offers Net Generation lesson plans and has an extensive package of resources designed to make starting and maintaining a PE or after-school tennis program easy and enjoyable for all. 

  • Net Generation: By getting involved as a Net Generation coach, you’ll gain access to educational tools and content developed by leading professionals around the world – tools that will not only support you but also help you manage all aspects of coaching. Plus, you’ll be part of a nationwide network supported by the USTA to grow the game. Learn more at


Wheelchair Programs

  • Wheelchair Tennis: The USTA is dedicated to providing top-flight programming and developmental opportunities to wheelchair athletes of all ages and backgrounds, and provides opportunities to play through camps, tournaments, international team events and more.  The goal, above all else, is for the athletes to learn the sport of tennis and have fun.


Adaptive Tennis

  • Adaptive Tennis: Regardless of physical or mental disabilities, tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by all.




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