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January 2, 2017
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Welcome to the USTA Facility Assistance program. Whether you’re just starting out and dreaming of building a state-of-the-art, multi-court tennis facility, you're interested in 36- or 60-foot tennis, or you just want to figure out how to repair the cracked courts at the local park down the street, you’re in the right place – the USTA is here to help!


How can we help make your tennis facility dream come true? The USTA Facility Assistance program can offer you and your community assistance with technical and financial resources. In addition, communities are appointed project consultants from the USTA National staff, who deliver personalized support and service to help take your project from dream to reality.


Read below to learn more about USTA Facility Assistance.



The USTA Facility Assistance program’s technical team is the best resource we offer communities. With industry leading experience in tennis court/facility construction, our technical team offers everything from concept plans to professional construction document review.

Concept plans are a powerful advocacy tool and help solidify your vision for your project. Our professional construction document review ensures that you and your community are investing in a long-term tennis court solution that will work for you and meets or exceeds industry standards. All of these resources are free of charge to you and your community.

NOTE: The USTA Facility Assistance program’s technical team services hundreds of projects across the country, and their services are rendered on a project-by-project basis. Depending on other projects in the queue, services for your project may not be immediate.


As a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to "promote and develop the growth of tennis," the USTA recognizes the importance of making financial investments in the infrastructure of tennis facilities to foster the sport’s continued growth. The financial component of the USTA Facility Assistance program is a rolling process – there are no deadlines. There are four categories of financial assistance:

Line Grants - Painting permanent 36' and 60' tennis lines on existing courts, paved areas, blacktops, playgrounds or gymnasiums. USTA National contribution: Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).

Category I - Basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e., backboards, fencing, windscreens, etc.). USTA National contribution: Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).

Category II - Resurfacing of existing  36’, 60’ and 78' courts. Converting an existing 78' court to stand-alone 36' courts. Lighting. USTA National Contribution: Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($10,000 maximum).

Category III - New construction or existing facility reconstruction of 36’, 60’ and 78' courts. USTA National Contribution: Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($20,000 maximum).

Category IV - Install live streaming and/or player analysis technology at varsity tennis facilities (click here for more). USTA National Contribution: Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($10,000 maximum).

The USTA is dedicated to making financial investments in quality tennis facilities. Not all communities are eligible for financial assistance. We cannot retroactively reimburse people for work already completed on courts without our prior knowledge and guidance. To be considered for project funding, communities must:

  • Be actively engaged with the USTA Facility Assistance program (complete USTA Facility Assistance Form, be working with USTA-appointed project consultant, etc.). Any project completed prior to engaging the USTA is NOT eligible for funding.
  • Meet specified industry standards for project as determined by the USTA Facility Assistance program’s technical team.
  • Demonstrate financial need and matching (up to 50 percent) of project funds.

* To fully understand the process by which communities receive assistance from the USTA and what is expected from communities, please review the USTA National Guide To Facility Assistance. To begin the USTA Facility Assistance process and get started, please complete the USTA Facility Assistance Form.


Contractor Resources - Tech Specs

To view a complete array of technical specifications for 78-foot courts, 78-foot courts with blended lines, permanent 36- and 60-foot courts, striping plans and more, visit our Resources and Tools page and click on Facilities.


And if you're looking for a contractor to build your next court, visit the American Sports Builders Association by clicking here



Each year, the USTA recognizes facilities throughout the country to encourage increasingly high standards for construction and/or renovation. Click here for more information.




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