February 16, 2017
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Southwest Advocacy Efforts - learn who your politicians are, what's on the agenda    

Advocacy Handbook - a how to book on how to get started in your community


Protecting the sport we love, the places we play and the opportunities we have to play it takes a passionate, concerned and informed network of advocates. At the USTA, we are willing to train our volunteers to better represent our sport in their local communities.  

Advocacy is not just about saving facilities before they are threatened. It's about developing relationships with people in the know, letting others know when things affect the programs, the places and the people that play this sport.


The USTA has three primary objectives with advocacy and is committed to training our volunteers to help achieve and sustain grassroots tennis programming as well as public facility infrastructure efforts across the nation.The objectives are below: :

  1. The building and renovation of public tennis facilities
  2. The growth of tennis programming in the after-school setting
  3. The protection and growth of tennis programs on college campuses


The effort is aimed at connecting the passion of USTA members and the larger tennis community with the public policy needs of the communities in which they live. We know that tennis is a sport that can change lives and improve communities, and this website is just one of the tools the USTA has developed to help make that happen across the country.


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Promote and develop your advocacy efforts through social media, by searching The Big Serve on Facebook. Let your closest relatives, friends and colleagues know that you love tennis and are helping to grow the game in the United States.



News & Events

Check out the latest news about USTA advocacy efforts across the country and how they affect the growth of tennis on the local, sectional and national levels.




Are you searching for information on building a tennis facility, the best ways to acquire funding or help in establishing an after-school program? Please explore our educational materials that can help make your advocacy effort run smoothly and successfully.



Take a look at our many valuable resources - where you can find reports, statistics and video testimonials supporting The Big Serve and how advocacy within tennis communities is the lifeline of the sport in the United States. In addition, you can find information about grants and funding for your Big Serve project.



Please spend some time getting familiar with our partnering associations. These governing bodies, organizations and initiatives support The Big Serve in building tennis programs and after-school activity for children around the country.


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in advocacy. Our staff and volunteers are available to help you make a difference in your community. To contact someone at USTA Southwest about Advocacy efforts, please contact us at



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