January 29, 2018

There are plenty of fun, social ways to play tennis and take advantage of all that the sport has to offer.

Whether taking a class at your local club, hitting the courts in your neighborhood park with family and friends or playing competitively, tennis is a great way to stay healthy and fit, to make friends and to learn valuable life lessons.


Social Tennis Leagues

One great way to get involved is through social tennis events. Offered throughout the country, these events – think more intramural softball or adult kickball – can satisfy your desire for competition while keeping the focus on fun – meeting new people and hanging out with friends.


From the "Sets in the City" young-adult league in Atlanta, to social tennis clubs in Austin, Texas, to mixed doubles and post-match happy hours and beginner tennis groups in San Diego, there are a variety of play options available throughout the country. ADVERTISEMENT And for those looking to mix some fitness with their fun, consider Cardio Tennis, a great way to boost your endurance while improving your tennis.


To find out more about programs available in your area, check with your local USTA district or section.



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