NTRP Third Party Sites


January 1, 2018

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is a rating system that identifies and describes the general characteristics of 13 levels of tennis ability. NTRP ratings were developed specifically for grouping players by ability level.


Currently, NTRP ratings are generated by the USTA once a year in December to the nearest half point (e.g., 3.0, 3.5, 4.0). 


As the governing body of tennis in America, the USTA is committed to providing players with the most accurate rating information, and the USTA is the only source to provide your true NTRP rating. 


There are third-party websites that offer their own ratings. However, these are not NTRP ratings provided by the USTA. 


The USTA does not endorse NTRP ratings generated from any third-party sources. 


These third-party websites cannot correctly recreate the NTRP rating algorithm, and therefore the ratings generated from third-party sites are not accurate NTRP ratings.   



Any NTRP Appeals or Grievances based on third-party website rating information will not be considered by the USTA.  



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