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USTA League is the country’s largest recreational tennis league, helping more than 800,000 participants nationwide get on the court, have a good time, and step up their game. Leagues are organized for competitive team match play.  


Teams are made up of a minimum of five to eight players, depending on the league type.  Teams and matches are set up according to NTRP ratings, so your teammates and opponents will be at similar skill levels.  The competition is exciting, the atmosphere is social, and since players compete on teams, you have a built-in cheering section.  


USTA League tennis features local play, with winning teams advancing to sectional championships and for certain League types, to a national championship*.


Here in the Southwest we have the benefit of terrific year-round opportunities for play in almost all of our areas!



I Want To Play USTA League Tennis! What Do I Do?


Step 1: Join the USTA Today

Go to or call (800) 990-8782. ADVERTISEMENT You must be a USTA member to play USTA League Tennis.


Step 2: Find Out Your NTRP Rating

A current USTA National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating is required to play league tennis. If you are new to USTA League Tennis, or have not played in the last three years, you will need to self-rate. To self-rate simply create a tennislink account at


Once you have created a tennislink account*, on your home page click on the self-rate link and follow the instructions. If you need further help, email your local league coordinator for assistance – click HERE.

*If you ALREADY HAVE A USTA ACCOUNT from previous times playing USTA League Tennis, or even from junior playing days, PLEASE USE YOUR OLD USTA NUMBER. It is important to find the account with past playing history. To find your old USTA Member Number, please contact USTA Support at or 1-800-990-8782 to find your older USTA account! 


Step 3: Find A Team

There are many ways to find a team in your area including:


·         Contact players and facilities in your area.


·         USTA Southwest’s League Linked program which pairs players looking for teams with existing captains contact your Local League Coordinator – click HERE


Step 4: Sign Up

Once you find a team, the captain will give you a team number. Take that team number, as well as your USTA membership number, and visit

Click on USTA League Tennis, then on 'Register For A Team' on the left hand side of the screen under 'Start Playing'. You will then enter your USTA number and a team number. Once you do that and pay your fee, you are ready to play USTA League Tennis!


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