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Formal Complains & Grievances


Please read this important information about Formal Complaints and Grievances:


Formal Complaint - A Formal Complaint is a process in which USTA Colorado will communicate the issues noted in the Formal Complaint to the named individual(s) and ask the individual(s) to immediately cease the reported behavior. The person filing the Formal Complaint remains anonymous. Unlike a Grievance (see below), there is no further action - no committee involvement or final determination. However, if we receive multiple Formal Complaints against the same individual(s), USTA Colorado may escalate this to a Grievance.


Grievance - A grievance is a formal process in which the named individual(s) may submit a rebuttal to the original grievance. Individual filing the original grievance will be known as all parties are copied on all correspondence. The original grievance and rebuttal are then sent to the District League Grievance Committee or Tournament Committee for review. The committee will render a decision, which may include suspension points. The grievance decision may be appealed. For leagues, there are specific USTA National Regulations that explain the deadlines for filing a grievance. There is a $75 filing fee for all grievances. If the grievance is upheld by the Committee's decision, the person filing the grievance is refunded the $75 filing fee.


Formal Complaint/Grievance Form

USTA Colorado Rules and Regulations

USTA Colorado League Staff


Jason Rogers (League Programs Director / NTRP Ratings & Appeal)

(303) 695-4116 x202 • email


Taylor McKinley (League Operations Director)

(303) 695-4116 x210 • email


Jarret Sutphin (District League Coordinator)

(303) 695-4116 x207 • email


Mary Brennan (District League Coordinator)
(303) 695-4116 x208 • email


Nikki Hola (District League Coordinator)
(303) 695-4116 x 304 • email


Area League Coordinators

Shelley Freeman (Aspen/Mountains)
(970) 927-7668 • email


Diane Westlind (Northern Colorado)
(970) 222-5147 • email


Jean Orton (Southern Colorado)
(719) 238-3130 • email


Susan Swarmer (Southern Colorado)
(719) 282-3540 • email


Carola Kohls (Western Slope)

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