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Updates for the 2023 League Season


2023 Denver League Calendar

In 2022 USTA Colorado's steadily growing league program achieved one of its highest levels of player participation in its history. The continued increase in player participation necessitates some changes to meet the needs of players and facilities.


The changes benefit players and facilities in several ways:

  • Balance the number of league matches played per night.
  • Reduce the number of staggered league matches.
  • Have more courts available for league match reschedules, lessons and facility programming.
  • Reduce NTRP conflicts for combined divisions.
  • Facilitate opportunity for league growth.


The following leagues will have some significant changes in 2023 (specific nights / days may be different for outlying areas from what is listed below for Denver-Metro):

  • USTA Adult 40 & Over: The specific nights that each level plays will mirror that of the USTA Adult 18 & Over league.
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over: This league will join all other leagues with a 6-7 week league season. In addition, match days will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • USTA Adult 65 & Over: This league will shift to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • CTA Women's Summer Daytime: This league will move earlier in the summer, starting shortly after the CTA Women’s Daytime Doubles league end. To make this move, the league will now be played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am.
  • CTA Adult 18-39: The specific nights that each level plays will mirror that of the USTA Adult 18 & Over league.   


USTA Colorado Updated League Calendars/Schedules

2023 Important USTA Colorado Regulation Changes

6.01B Violation of 75% In-Level Requirement. If a team is in violation of the 75% In-Level Requirement, the team will be allowed 48 hours from time of notification to become compliant. Teams that do not become compliant will be disqualified from the league with all match scores being reversed to count as 6-0, 6-0 wins for the opponents.


9.00A Requests to Reschedule. If an agreement is made to reschedule a match for any reason other than those listed under “Mandatory Reschedules”, and if the match is not played or USTA Colorado is contacted due to any problems that have occurred with getting the non-mandatory rescheduled match played, the match shall be a double default, regardless of who initiated the non-mandatory reschedule, who created issues with an agreed upon reschedule, including any other agreements made, then cancelled, by either of the involved teams. USTA Colorado advises captains to politely decline requests to reschedule for any reason that is not covered under 10.00, as accepting a reschedule request can lead to both teams being double defaulted. Neither team will win by default if the match is not played.

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