Intermountain / Colorado

USTA Adult Leagues

Registering for League Tennis


League registration opens for the following leagues:


  • Trio (Feb 1)
  • USTA Mixed 18 & Over (Feb 1)
  • USTA Adult 18 & Over (Feb 1)
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over (Mar 1)
  • CTA Women's Daytime (Mar 1)
  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over (Apr 1)
  • CTA Adult 18-39 (Apr 1)
  • USTA Adult 40 & Over (Apr 1)
  • CTA Women's 2.5 (Apr 1)
  • USTA Tri Level (Apr 1) / Northern Colorado Only
  • ITA Mixed (May 1)
  • USTA Adult 65 & Over (May 1)
  • CTA Twilight (May 1)
  • CTA Women's Summer Daytime (May 1)

All adult leagues require a USTA membership (unless otherwise noted).
Registration Open Dates may vary for Mountain Area.


In order to register for league play, you will need a team number, which are available from the league coordinator at the facility at which you plan to play. 


Once you have a USTA membership number and a team number, you are ready to register yourself for league play.

  • If you do not have an NTRP rating, you will be required to go through the self-rate process prior to registering for a team.
  • You need to have the minimum number of players registered by the registration deadline of each league to be included in the schedule. ADVERTISEMENT Players may only play on one team within each league, except for leagues that use a “combined NTRP” format (i.e. levels that are 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc.).


For players looking to join a league but don't have a team to play on, submit your information here.


If you need additional assistance, contact USTA Colorado.


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