Not sure where to begin? GET OUT & PLAY!
Not sure where to begin?



You can play individually or as part of a team. It’s a sport that offers something for everyone, regardless of age, background or ability. Now is the perfect time to start or get back into tennis! 

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Beginner Tennis

The key to a successful adult beginner program is the opportunity for participants to have early success which leads to a more enjoyable experience. Start/Restart Tennis achieves this by mixing traditional beginner drills with modified equipment which ensures that participants will grow confident in their abilities by being able to rally and have more control of their game earlier on in their tennis experience. What are you waiting for?! Get started today!

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Drop In Play

Casual, drop in and play tennis is a great way to get together with friends, meet new people, and have fun on the court! These play opportunities include organized play, drills, and fun games, typically led by an instructor.

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Social Leagues

Tennis has a lot to offer, and taking advantage of the lifelong sport starts here!  No matter your level of experience, there’s a spot for you in social play.  These fun but competitive opportunities are a great way to get a workout and meet new people.  Sign up for a league today!

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Team Up Events

These one-day events are light competition with an emphasis on the player's social experience. Think themed events! Team Up events focus on fun and match play in a team environment. Players or teams are grouped by skill level to ensure the best possible on-and off-court experience. 

Interested in hosting a program? Go here for details.